Accelerate to Divine Living


Imagine living life with RELISH…

Your life is your work of art. And there is no higher expression of your masterpiece than living with deep enjoyment.

Not to mention, the incredible opportunities, abundance, people and relationships you’ll attract to yourself when you live this way.

But if you’ve grown up without knowing your worth, living life with relish might not come naturally to you.

Do you feel like???

→ You do not belong?

→ You are the Black Sheep of the family?

→ You are unworthy of love?

→ Life is one continuous struggle for you?

→ You worry constantly about not having enough?

If you said yes to any of the above, then you are in the right place!

You are my favourite kind of person, because I know the incredible journey we are going to go on together. 

Through my own experience of creating a life that reflects my deepest joy, and years working with beautiful souls yearning for a different life experience, I have developed a path to guide you to:

→ Receive love

→ Live your passion

→ Live your wildest dreams in love

→ Experience abundance in every area of your life!


Welcome to Accelerate to Divine Living

In my premium, VIP, 1-to-1 coaching programme, we are going to work closely together as we travel to a stunning new place together.

Firstly, we’re going to go on an inner journey to discover your most closely held beliefs. 

To change your world, you need to change your beliefs. Everything in your outward experience of life comes from your inner beliefs. 


Which of the following do you believe in?

→ Lack or prosperity?

→ In being a human only or being a spirit currently in a human vessel?

Whatever your beliefs are, your consciousness will create your life experiences around those beliefs. None of your beliefs are “wrong”, but some beliefs will serve you and others won’t. The WONDERFUL and EMPOWERING news is that as you switch from your mind power to your soul power, you will create new beliefs that will, in turn, create a whole new incredible life… just for you!


What do you get with my VIP Accelerate to Divine Living programme?

Accelerate to Divine Living is a VIP programme that focuses on you,

       →  where you are at and

       →   where you desire to be.

We begin with a Soul & Strategy session (this includes a channelled mini reading)


Then, the following expert training and self-mastery tools are brought in:

       →  Self-love online course to shake off the dense energies preventing you from becoming who you can become – value £300

       →  Soul Mantras and inspiring positive affirmations with soul reviving music to reconnect you with Source and Abundance – value £15

       →  Find Your Way meditation package to explore how to nourish your soul – value £55

We use all of these fundamental tools, as we work together via:

       →  1-to-1 sessions, 60 minutes per session, via zoom, once a week over three months (12 sessions in total)

       →  Emergency check-in calls once a month (10 – 15 minutes for burning questions as you discover more!)


Bonus : 

When you purchase the Accelerate to Divine Living programme you receive:

→ A free ticket to my “Become the Oracle You Are” workshop

→ Free 30 minute personal reading

→ Self-worth guided visualisation audio


Let me share a bit more with you about me…

I am a commercial economist by profession, but have always had a strong pull to the world of Spirit. And in 2010, I chose to immerse myself fully in this world when I established my business Spiritual Wonders.

At Spiritual Wonders, I work as a healer, Law of Attraction coach, Qigong teacher and self-taught artist. These are just a few facets of who I am, and they contribute greatly to the work I do with my special clients. 

Due to the pandemic of 2020, like many others I shifted my business fully online. I have clients all over the world who work with me as a consciousness coach and spiritual guide. 

My sessions are intuitive. This means I use my own gift of psychic abilities to tune into each client’s energy and find the best way forward for them.

In my life, I have had some amazing breakthroughs that have provided me with quantum leaps into the next phase of my life. Now I am walking my talk and showing others how to find their true purpose in life. There is so much support available from the Universe. I help my clients access it and live the life of their dreams!


The world has changed in 2020 in more than one way, because of the pandemic. Many people are pushed to make changes in their life more than ever. They are under tremendous pressure to earn their living, to find love, or to fine-tune their skills to create more abundance in their life.

5 good reasons you don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity:

  • Powerful – This programme teaches you the secrets of shifting from struggling to thriving.
  • Evergreen – It equips you with tools for life that can help you maintain your new energy vibration, as and when you need them.
  • Customised – My own intuitive abilities allow me to connect with your soul, so you get exactly what you need on your journey.
  • Affordable – You get to work with me 1 to 1, for the price of a same length group coaching programme. You save at least 50% before you even start.
  • Upgradeable – Although my focus is already on you during these 3 months, if you feel you wish to have more time and support, the VIP Plus option is designed for this.

Coaching Programme starts on 20th September 2021

Doors for payment close at Midnight (GMT, London) on Sunday 19th September 2021

There are limited places available! Grab yours now!

There are a number of payment plans available for the Accelerate to Divine Living programme:


Take the Early Bird Offer! Valid till Midnight GMT, London 11th September 2021

    £1550 / approx. 2125 USD 

Early Bird payment plan  →      £825 x 2 (£1,650 in total) / approx. 1130 USD x 2 (approx. 2260 USD in total}

Please note: first payment must be done by Midnight GMT, London 11/09/2021, second payment due by 11/10/2021

Contact me today for more details and to book your space. Email:


Full pay investment options:

    £1850 / approx. 2535 USD


Pay with 2 Instalments  →       £990 x 2 (£1980 in total)  / approx. 1355 USD x 2 (approx. 2712 USD in total)

Please note: first payment must be done by 11/09/2021, second payment due by 11/10/2021


Pay by Monthly payments  →        £672 x 3 (£2016 in total)  / approx 920 USD x 3 (approx. 2762 USD in total)

Please note: first payment must be done by Midnight, GMT, London 11/09/2021, second payment due by 11/10/2021, third payment due by 11/11/2021.

Contact me today for more details and to book your space. Email:


VIP Plus option

The original VIP programme contains twelve 1 to 1 sessions and three 10 – 15 min.  emergency check-in calls, over 3 months.

Through the VIP Plus option I can dedicate even more of my time to you. On the top of what’s included in the Standard Package,

it allows you to keep in touch with me via email or whats app,  between your coaching sessions over max. 1 hour per week.

   £3550 / approx. 4865 USD

Contact me today for more details and to book your space. Email:


This is what my clients who have experienced my 1-to-1 coaching sessions have said:


Thank you again for the coaching session today. You are a wonderful teacher and I’m looking forward to learning more.  I ordered the cards you suggested and I’m excited to practice! I’m truly grateful. Donna, USA, July 2021


I’ve recently had two sessions with Eva, after meeting her at a networking event. And wow, I was completely blown away with what I learned and what I discovered about myself. I’m someone that already used the law of attraction to manifest things into my life, however what Eva has taught me in the two sessions I had has really helped me to take things to the next level! I would highly recommend Eva to anyone, she is incredible at what she does. Dan, UK, June 2021


I look forward to welcoming you to the programme! And to Accelerate your progress on the path to Divine Living!


Eva Maria Hunt