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Soul-Level Empowerment for Healing Transformation to Feel Enough by Eva Maria Hunt

How can you feel enough in a world that measures you with qualities inappropriate to your nature and only acknowledges the physical part of you?

It is not possible. And believe me you are not the only one, who suffers from being out of balance energetically in Mind, Body and Soul and not feeling happy enough, beautiful enough, good enough, clever enough, rich enough, sociable enough… Shall I keep going?  The interesting part of it is, the way you feel is not your fault…

We all have both Masculine and Feminine energies within, in different percentages, which needs balancing. Why? Because in our society, where the masculine values, seem to be the only measuring system of our worth, many people inevitably feel NOT ENOUGH. It is engraved in you, through the way you were brought up, the roles of our society, etc.

How did you end up Not Feeling Enough?

Does this ring a bell? Katie was brought up by harsh, masculine standards, where emotions were the signs of weakness, therefore displaying them wasn’t encouraged. She repressed them, trying to be “normal”, even if inside, she felt it is not really who she is. She started beating herself up for having emotions, being sensitive, even intuitive… She wanted to please others, so she moulded into what she thought they expecting her to be, so she could finally feel loved, or that she belonged there. At the same time she was harsh on herself, thinking she can push herself to her absolute limits. Hoping that she can live this “double agent” life, i.e. being this caring, giving woman, who is carrying on her shoulders everyone else, keep giving to them, even when she hardly could carry herself, and at the same time she can have a career, she can pursue her passions and show them her worth by their standards…

But she hasn’t taken into account the enormous bill she had to pay on the emotional and soul levels. She

  • feels exhausted beyond belief, physically mentally, emotionally
  • starts resenting others around her, because she is keep giving and others are just taking
  • feels no one seems to understand her or see her for who she really is, so she becomes lonely
  • realises she is living someone else’s life…

and as a result she falls into depression, which in my experience means reaching a dead end. Her soul is signalling: You need to get off this path, You need to stop draining yourself, You must align with who you are! But Katie didn’t notice the signs…

Katie’s is one general example of allowing the masculine values dominate your behaviour. Your feminine side will start rebelling sooner or later, creating mental. emotional, physical symptoms, i.e. making you fall ill in one way or another, if you do not notice the signs.

It is also possible, when you try balancing your overwhelming masculine you end up at the other extreme, allowing too much feminine energy rule your world. The key is finding the balance, which can be a bit tricky. That is when I come to the picture.

How I can Help you

I remind you through the services I offer that You Are an Amazing Soul, who is Having an Earthly Experience.

I believe we are amazing beings with vast capabilities, which most of us are simply unaware of, or do not fully understand. Our life is the game of choices, which we live in the world of duality: darkness & light, fear & love, destroying & creating.

We came to Earth to have fun and experience joy. However we can be pulled down by the dense energies of this existence, handling negative emotions, wounds of our soul history, and negative forces, etc. that create struggles and suffering in our lives, because we are all made of energy.

I teach you how to work with your complex and wonderful energy system

Our mind and heart centres are powerful energy generators, pulling towards us energies of different possible realities, whether positive or negative (Law of Attraction), depending on our own vibration. Our choices has the power to change our own and others’ life, our society, and the world at large. Being as powerful, as we are, is not only wonderful, but carries huge responsibilities too. Therefore it is crucial to connect with our Higher Nature, and base our decisions on our intuition, i.e. built in navigation system.

I help you to step into your power and discover your full potential

It happens through connecting with your Higher Nature, inner wisdom, soul purpose.

Who am I?

I am an Energy Therapist, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, Multi-passionate Creative. I have established my business in holistic healing in 2010. I have worked with 250+ women and a few men, aged 25 – 60+ from all walks of life on a 1 to 1 bases and in workshops, using different modalities of vibrational healing, such as Reiki therapy, Law of Attraction Coaching, Qigong for Health, Colour Therapy, Healing Art & Healing Crystals.

I am passionate about helping people, who are depressed, stressed, anxious or wanting to find their purpose, who have an open mind to connect with their emotions & soul and to transform their mind set.

Contact me to find out how I can help You!

I look forward to hearing from you.

With love








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