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Has Your Life Changed with Distant Reiki Healing? – 5 tips to creating a happier, healthier and more abundant life

Recently I have received an unusually large amount of Reiki distant healing requests, which cover basically all the areas of your lives you need help with. I feel privileged you are letting me in to learn about your deepest fears, worries and troubles; struggling with serious health issues or asking help with your relationship, which is going through a hard patch or even crying out for help in desperation to change your financial circumstances, your job… Your requests are making my heart go out to you all. Sometimes I do reply to you personally, but my time is limited, and I thought sharing with you some important thoughts on this subject will help more people at the same time to feel better.

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Distant Reiki has helped to change people’s life all over the world

I am a Reiki therapist, an energy healer and an empath. I have the ability to channel this beautiful, high frequency, healing energy and send it to you all at once. I can connect with you emotionally too and I try to help you as much as possible from thousands of miles distance sometimes. I do have amazing stories about how my service helped in many cases with your different issues all over the world. I would love to be able to just wave my “magic wand” and make you all feel happy, become healthy and have an abundant life in a second. Although I do not have this type of super power I can hand you the key how to get all of these things in your life with the help of Distant Reiki Healing.

Reiki Distant Healing

Your conscious mind can get in the way of healing

What this amazing Reiki energy does is simply wonderful. It can deeply relax you or the opposite charge you up with energy and can lift your mood. Either way it raises your energy vibration taking you to a better place where from you can change your habits and behaviour, to enable you to make better choices… It also helps to stop your mind chatter, which is such an important thing in your healing process, as your conscious mind, especially if you are unable to switch it off, will stand in the way of healing.

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Are you passively receiving the healing light or actively working on shifting your energies?

Those of you, who have managed to shift your energies already, and created a happy result in your life with the help of my free healing service actually took an active part in this process. Let me explain it a bit deeper. You can choose to passively receive this healing light to make you feel better, more relaxed and it will work. However if you are in a need of larger changes in your life you have to actively contribute to your own success.

You are a beautiful radiant energy bubble

If you are a regular reader of my articles you already know we are all made of energy and everything around us is energy vibrating in different frequencies. The colours you see around you are light rays, the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the fragrances you smell, the warmth of the Sunshine you feel on your skin are all energy that you soak up with your own electromagnetic field, called aura and experience the world through your 5 different senses. You are a beautiful radiant energy bubble, who feeds on the life force energy. You radiate this energy out of your being and attract energy towards yourself. So whatever situation you are in, however bad it feels right now, it is the result of the energy vibration you are radiating out of your being. And this is good news! All you need to do is to consciously change your energy vibration, raise your frequency, and you will attract happiness and beautiful things into your life.

So how to turn your conscious mind into a helpful tool instead of being an obstacle in your healing process?

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1. Be grateful!

Start a Gratitude Diary, in which please write down everything you are grateful for in your life currently, however small thing that might be. Then write down everything you wish for as a gratitude, as if you already have what you want. For example: Thank you for all the money I have received in my life. I am grateful for the abundance (love, joy, happiness, money, health…) in my life. Thank you for the amazing man/woman in my life, for my beautiful family, gorgeous kids, for my wonderful friends, for my good health, well-being, all my belongings, my gorgeous car, my beautiful house, my… I think you get the idea. The key here is, you have to feel the gratitude to come from your heart, the love and appreciation, when you write, and with practise it will come. Want quick results? Write fifty or even hundred gratitude a day! (Can be the same 100 every day, or you can use some of the same and new ones too.) To learn more powerful tools here is a great book for your attention : Rhonda Byrne The Magic

2. Visualise what you want and feel it from the bottom of your heart

Make sure you have a vision of your life where you are heading to. Think it, see it, feel it as you are already living the life that you want, and you will manifest it, if you strongly believe in it.

3. Love, Give and you will Receive

Radiate love to everyone. Give to others. If you do not have money to give, give loving words, give your help… that helps to attract positive energies towards yourself from the Universe.

4.  Believe in the greater good

Just believe that the Universe or whatever, whoever you believe in is helping you, it/he/she is on your side. It/he/she wants you to be happy!

5. And most of all Trust yourself

You are a wonderful being! You have everything inside of your energy set up (Blueprint) that you need, to become happy, successful, and live the life you want. It’s not always easy to get there, but it is possible. Never give up! And never forget you are unique and amazing!

It’s not a question whether this system works or not. The question is: Are you prepared to create new habits by using my five tips above?

I hope it helps. Have a beautiful day!

With love, light and Divine Blessings

Eva x

About the author: Eva Maria Hunt (Szanto) is an energy healer. She is a certified Reiki Therapist, Practitioner member of the UK Reiki Federation, S.N.H.S. Dip. Colour Therapy, S.N.H.S. Dip. Crystal Healing, Healing Crystal Jewellery designer. I am passionate about energy healing and the human energy field. Reiki was an enormous help for me to get better, when I was struggling in many areas… it has completely changed my life. It also inspired me to live my dream i.e. to help and inspire people to achieve their full potential. As a complementary therapist I help my clients to break through barriers, whether physical, emotional or mental to become, who they’re meant to be by using a 4 step method and teaching how to use energy tools to shift their energies for a stress free, creative, joyful and healthy life.





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