Feel Fantastic with Grounding and Nature’s Free Energy Healing Session

Let me start with some questions. How much time in an average week do you actually spend in nature? When I say nature I mean going to the fields, woods, lakes, sea… being surrounded by the sky, the fields, and the trees, the Sun or the Moon… You know what? I let you add your time spent in your garden as well, if you happen to have one, as long as it is not covered in concrete.  Now how much time do you spend in a week sitting in front of the tv/computer, playing on your phone/tablet, travelling on a train, spending time inside the four walls even in your free time? I suppose the latter number is considerably larger.

Now the problem with that is you are not just your physical body, which you identify yourself with. You are also an amazing energy being, fuelled by the life force energy, which comes to you from the Universe: the sky, the earth, the trees, the food you eat… and you also collect energy from another person…

Living in the 21st century has lots of benefits and a huge disadvantage. Your being is designed to soak up energy from your environment. Now how is yours looking like from the energy point of view? Noisy, crowded with stressed, warned out, negative people? Full of electrical appliances?

Stressed and angry people and electrical appliances give off positive ions, which are harmful to your health and not easy to get rid of. So next time when you walk into a room where people just had an argument, and although they are not talking, you can feel the tension in the air, you will pick this energy up and start getting agitated… By cleansing your home and environment you can change the negative ions into positive ones. And what is even better going into nature and walking for example would help you conduct negative ions from the earth into your energy being and it helps you to nourish your energy field. This process is called grounding.

How spending time in nature can make you feel better energetically?

The Earth is a living being, which provides you with everything you need to sustain your life.  She gives you shelter, food, water, fire and so much more. The Sun gives you the light energy that nourishes your being. The truth is however fancy houses, cities we build we can’t live without a close link with nature.

We create crowded cities and drain each other energetically in shopping centres, on public transport, and just simply working with people. It creates stress and anxiety. Emotional hurt makes us disconnect from our body, we tend to think too much, over analyse things, getting locked up in our own head… And the result is we are not connected, not grounded any more…

What is grounding?

Grounding is simply the process of anchoring your being and your energetic body to the Earth. We naturally ground through the bottoms of our feet.

What are the symptoms of not being grounded?

  • Bumping into things
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling very tired and scattered
  • Being disconnected…

By realising these symptoms you have a chance to shift your energies and instantly feel better. By learning some useful tools you can make yourself grounded immediately. You have so many ways to choose from: grounding with crystals, visualisation, etc. One of them and this is an easy, always available option, is exercising and walking in nature.

Nature’s Energy Healing Session – Enjoy it! It’s Free

I happen to be so lucky to live in the gorgeous English countryside surrounded by beautiful fields. I live a busy life too, so I need to make a conscious effort to go for a long walk at least once a week, and some shorter ones with my little dog during the week. As an energy healer I am sensitive to other people’s energies and the energies around me. I can’t tell you how different and amazing it feels, when I can spend time in nature, and I would like to encourage you to do so too. On the top of getting recharged energetically nature always gives something special for you if you blend in and just absorb what is around you.

Last week I went for one of my favourite walks. Walking through fields, admiring the gorgeous Blue sky and the one little, White cloud floating on it as a merengue. As I was walking a heron landed where the river meets the fields. He was so beautiful. I have managed to have a good look at him as he wasn’t too bothered, until I got much closer. It was such a precious few minutes, the unexpected gift for the day.

The rest of the walk was really beautiful too. I love this path, because I can go down to the river or stand on the tiny bridge and watch the water run away, listen to the birds, let my busy head calm down, and just flow with nature’s healing energies.

Spending time in nature is actually a free energy healing session incorporating colour therapy. Walking makes you grounded as it connects you with the earth energies, calming Blue light rays are pouring down on you from the sky and beautiful Green is relaxing you. These light rays resonate on a certain frequency and they have a healing effect on your energy system. The bird songs are providing sound therapy, and turning your mind off with the added bonus of energising fresh air and the peace surrounding you.

If you don’t have time to go for a walk at least spend more time in your garden and try walking barefooted.

The benefits of grounding:

  • being energised
  • being more present
  • feeling calmer
  • being more connected
  • feeling more secure

Walking is just one of the many ways you can ground yourself with. To find out more about this subject and different ways of grounding watch out for my ebook. It’s coming soon.

If you would like to enjoy a grounding guided visualization please download this MP3 I created for you: Grounding Visualization – The Magnificent Tree

Enjoy your walks and take care

With love

Eva x
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