How are you jeopardising your success in life by not Loving Yourself?

Lets talk about a subject many people disregard. They think self-love is something really selfish, very wrong. So let’s explore this subject a little bit more from the energy point of view.

You are living in the Energy World, and you are an amazing energy station. Imagine yourself like a radio tower sending out energy waves that others pick up. Your level of energy vibration also determines what you attract to yourself from the Universe.

Everything you currently have in your life is the result of how you think and feel about yourself and others. How is it possible? Your thoughts are brain waves, therefore energy. Your emotions have a vibration too. Sadness, stress, worries have very low vibrations. Happiness, compassion, forgiveness are resonating on a much higher level.

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe and self-love is the key to your happiness. I am going to write more about this subject soon. Until then I would like to share this amazing, emotionally moving video with you that relates to this subject very closely.

This video is about an FBI forensic artist’s experiment. “If any part of you resonates with this video… Then there’s a sinister character stealing your happiness. It blocks forgiveness, prevents abundance, and sabotages relationships.” Chris Cade


“You are more beautiful than you think.” Dove Real Beauty Sketches Experience

With love

Eva x
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