Want to Be in Charge of Your Fortune in 2019? Take My Meditation Challenge!

Your Success & The Law of Attraction

I have been an energy healer for 8 years now, and a huge chunk of what I do is related to the principles of the Law of Attraction. Living according to the rules of the Law of Attraction is always beneficial. However in 2019 you must be aware of how your thoughts and emotions can propel or jeopardise your efforts towards financial abundance, attracting love, maintaining your relationships and becoming the person you really are.

Because this year you can have everything you want. No kidding! The energies, the support will be there for you. However you need to actively work with them and orchestrate your success. In other words, you must take responsibility for what is going on in your life!

A Shift in Consciousness

So your job is not less than facilitating a shift in consciousness. A big ask, isn’t it? You must awaken to the fact that you are made of energy, the Universe and everything in it is made of energy. The way you can manifest what you want is consciously using your thoughts, emotions and visions in alignment.

Your Thoughts vs. Your Feelings

If you have the desire to be rich, but you feel the fear of being in debt, not knowing how to get the money to pay your bills, unfortunately the fear will win over your desire. Why? Because your Heart centre is so much more powerful than your mind. The energy vibes you give off will be matched by the Universe with the energies of that frequency. Fear is low frequency, love, kindness, gratitude and abundance are high. Therefore to simplify it, fear attracts the lack of things, love, the unconditional variety, towards things and people attracts what you want.

Your challenge is to raise your vibration and to keep it high to get what you want. So it’s not enough to get there, you must maintain your higher state of being. 

Want to be in charge of your fortune in 2019?

It all depends on your daily habits where you end up being. If you manage to fit in healthy habits in your daily routine, in no time you will live the life you want. 

Of course individually we all have specific tasks to focus on, in order to raise our vibrations. What is in common in all of us that a form of meditation, i.e. when we enter the flow of Universe and top our energies up, is a must. Your phone needs to be charged up from time to time, depending on how much you are surfing on the internet, making calls, texting. etc. You are wearing off your energies in many different ways daily.

Get ready to implement the habit of meditation to reach new highs in your life in 2019! 

There are many ways to choose from. There is at least one for everyone. You are not sure which one is yours? I created a package to help you discover a different way of meditation every day, for 6 days.

In this email course I present you with a selection of powerful meditations (sitting, standing and walking meditation, sound, colour and creative meditation), which although technically are very different, they deliver similar results. You can explore them & find YOUR WAY to meditate quickly and easily, so you don’t have to spend ages on finding out about different meditations. And you can enjoy some of the useful benefits of meditation for health, harmony & success from Day 1. 

Click on the link to purchase the Find your way to meditate package, and then keep practising what is working. 

Here is a meditation challenge for you!

They say we need 21 days to build a new habit. So let’s do it. Ok, you might be busy with New Year’s Eve coming, you can start the challenge on 2nd of January 2019. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1. Buy the meditation pack now it’s £15.99 (80% off original price, for a limited time only!).

Step 2. Send an email to me (you can reply to this one) with the answers to the following questions:

  1. How are you feeling in general on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is really bad 10 is pretty good?
  2.  Which area of your life you want to change for the better? 
  • money situation
  • job problems
  • love life
  • relationship with others (family, friends, colleagues)
  • relationship with yourself, i.e. your level of self-worth.

Step 3. Start practising the different ways of meditation, on a day you find suitable to start your challenge on, 1 a day for 6 days. 

Step 4. Find what works for you out of the 6 different ones and do it on the 7th day.

Step 5. You keep with the same meditation or pick a different one periodically or depending on what feels right for you on the day for 14 days. 

Step 6. You email me on day 22nd, and let me know how you feel in general and what changes you have experienced in your thinking, feeling, or certain areas of your life. Or what new challenges surfaced since you have been meditating regularly.  I really look forward to hearing from you.

Of course, if you want to enjoy the meditation package without taking up the challenge, you can do that too, that’s not a problem.

Have an Amazing New Year!

With love and light


Eva Maria Hunt, Vibrational Healing Expert, Artist,
trading as Spiritual Wonders: www.spiritual-wonders.com
Artworks & Colour Healing: www.holisticcolourart.com
Email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com

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