Busting the Bad Reputation of Positive Thinking

I came across 3 articles in a short period of time stating it’s allowed to think negative. They say it, as if there was something wrong with positive thinking or people think they need to think positively all the time. As with everything, if you take it out of context or proportion it can all go wrong. So let’s put it all in perspective what actually positive thinking is about.

What you think, you become

Your thoughts conscious or otherwise are constantly programming your behaviour. This is why we are encouraged to think positively. It doesn’t mean though you are not allowed to think any negative thoughts!!! It means you can train yourself to become aware of your negative thoughts and then you can make a choice of what you wish to do with them. For example you can decide to:

1. go deeper into your thoughts, feel the emotions which they brought up, sit with them, and let them go.
2. analyse them, learn the lessons, you needed to learn from a certain situation or behaviour and let them go.
3. stop the negative thought, because you noticed, you keep coming back to it, running around in circles, and it only brings you down, so you rather switch to a positive thought instead…

Your Mind either Works Against You, or For You

Although your mind is very powerful, it is a two edged sword. It can work against you, or for you. Negative thinking is often related to victim mentality. It’s all about blaming others, or expecting the worst possible outcome all the time, catastrophising everything, putting others down, gossiping, wishing bad things for others, thinking that you are incapable of doing things right, etc. As you see thinking negative can mean a lot of different things. Ultimately, being trapped in negative thinking and negative energy will affect your health too. However choosing to think positively is more likely to indicate an empowered state of being. The one, when you take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and your life and you wish to work out a way of thinking and feeling that is benefitial for you.
A person has about 60000 thoughts a day. Some of them are positive, others are of course negative. It is impossible to monitor all of them. It would be pointless anyway, as our mind is actively looking for excitement, news, gossip, anything all the time, as its normal state is chaos.

The reason why it is benefitial to learn positive thinking is, because your thoughts are in direct connection with your emotions, and vica versa, your thoughts and emotions are triggering each other.

The nature of emotions

Emotions, whether positive or negative are supposed to flow through you. With positive emotions it is really easy, you feel happy, enjoy yourself, and it’s gone. The difficulty arrives, when you experience something negative, you get hurt, you feel ashamed or angry, etc., so you start chewing it over and over and you are unable to let it go. As a result these emotions get stuck, not flowing anywhere, you keep carrying it around with you.

Which emotions are positive and which ones are negative?

Dr. Bradley Nelson looked at the energy and frequency of emotions. Emotions are energy, so as every part of your body and your thoughts. They resonate on higher or lower frequencies. Everything below 200 units considered to be negative.

Why should you care about the frequency of your emotions?

Fear is for example 100, love is 500 unit. You are unable to feel fear and love at the same time. So if you learn to switch between the two, when you are afraid, you automatically can change to love, shifting out of a bad frame of mind.
Being stuck with negative emotions and thoughts create a vicious cycle, dragging you down into a negative spiral, whilst your overall frequency gets lower and lower.

Think yourself Successful, Happy, Rewarded, etc.

In general the higher your frequency, the better your chance is to be healthy and happy. You really are a beautiful bundle of energy. Your frequency determines your success. Whatever frequency you hold, you attract to yourself. It happens by default all the time. Look around you at home. What do you see? All of it is the result of your “secret” manifestation power. Some of your life situations , such as finances, relationship, the job you have, you like however, some you don’t. The good news is you can change it all, right now. When you learn to let go of your negative thoughts and switch to positive thinking whenever possible, you start living your life by design, consciously raising your vibrations. To create by design you must align your thoughts, emotions and vision of what you wish to achieve, which requires to work through the negative and stick with the positive whenever you can. To be able to do this, you must change your relationship with your thoughts and emotions.

How can you train yourself to “not to take your own thoughts and emotions so personally”?

Mindfulness is a good practise to help you accept that your thoughts and emotions have their own behaviour. It’s up to you to create a different relationship with them and  to learn to respond, rather than react.
I teach Qigong, a powerful self-healing art, which incorporates gentle movements, relaxed breathing and awareness (mindfulness) to generate more energy, help you to stay younger for longer and handle stress better.


To sum it up it is all about being aware of the process and finding balance by understanding:
1. Positive thinking is good for you.
2. Discovering, accepting and letting go of your negative thoughts and emotions is essential and equally important.
Your motto is: deal with the negative and focus on the positive!
Eva Maria Hunt
Vibrational Healing Expert, Artist

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