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The Way Out of Emotional Hell – Reiki Therapy Case Study

I meet so many women, who live through emotional hell every day. They feel hopeless, useless and beat themselves up. I decided to publish this Bespoke Reiki therapy case study and offer my help to you too. I have changed my client’s  name to protect her privacy. Let’s call her Sonia.

Frustration, Anger, Self-Sabotage…

“Being on a downward slop, my emotions were up and down, feeling frustrated and angry, my temper would uncontrollably go through the roof. Self-sabotaging my plans seemed to be a regular event, I would take two steps forward and 5 steps back. I lived in the past with regrets of decisions I had made. They seemed right at the time but gone wrong or not worked out. As a result I was jumping forward and living in the dream of a future I was desperate to have. My life was constantly on hold, I was just existing. This wasn’t where my life was going to be and I was living someone else’s life anyway, working as a live-in carer which has many demands and restrictions too.”

The Way Out of Emotional Hell – Bespoke Reiki

“I couldn’t believe I was reading my own problems!”

“So I decided to look for alternative help, as I didn’t feel I was depressed. It wasn’t medicine I needed, but some kind of help and guidance and tools to better cope with my life, my situation and my emotions. I started looking online, but wasn’t happy with the recommendations I was finding. Until one day, when I was clicking here there and everywhere and suddenly the link to Eva popped up. As I read it, I couldn’t believe I was reading my own problems! I immediately contacted Eva and got an appointment the next week.”

Inner Strength, Peace, Being Uplifted and Focused

“Arriving for my first appointment, I had no idea what to expect or how this was going to help me. Well, I can’t believe the difference I felt after the first consultation with Eva, talking through everything. The reiki treatment seemed to open up my mind and my emotions, gave me some inner strength and peace. I felt light and uplifted by the time I left. Each week, each treatment gave me something to work on and helped me focus. It wasn’t easy and I had to work hard but it really paid off. After four weeks, some tears and soul searching I feel more grounded. I learnt how to protect myself from the negative influences around me. I know what’s important, what I should let go of and what I should focus on.

Eva was understanding and showed great empathy, it was so easy to talk to her. She really got me and where I was coming from, she drew diagrams, she asked questions and she prompted me to think and find my answers. Eva helped me to find me again, but an upgraded version that has learned and grown from my life experiences. I can’t thank you enough Eva, really I’ll be forever grateful that you came into my life to help me through this difficult time.”

What is Bespoke Reiki Therapy?

I am a Reiki Therapist, Practitioner Member of the UK Reiki Federation. Have been working in the holistic healing arena since 2010. I specialise in emotional healing and I am dedicated to teach my clients energy tools to enable them to hit the reset button, when they start falling emotionally, when they need a boost or just balancing after a hard day.

Bespoke Reiki Therapy means that I combine Reiki with the many different healing modalities I have learnt during the years: crystal healing, colour therapy, qigong for health, energy healing tools to completely customise the treatment to my clients’ needs, beliefs and energy setup.

I work intuitively, to connect with you whatever part of your journey you are on.

Are you far away from me? Don’t worry.

Bespoke Online Healing Package

This is done via video calls on Skype or Messenger. It is very similar to the package described above, less the in person Reiki therapy. The calls focus on the emotional healing part, i.e. how to change your perspective on yourself and your issues. It also contains energy tools, Law of Attraction Coaching, etc.

Here is a testimonial from a gorgeous client I worked with this way:

“Dearest Eva what a wonderful blessing it was to have received and worked on energy coaching with you. I was in a place of great uncertainty and transition and I didn’t know where I fitted in. The sessions I had with you were of great encouragement, healing and transformation of getting to the root essence of self-worth. Forever grateful for your time and your beautiful light. Kindest regards Ruksana”

Please contact me, if the above resonates with you and you feel you are ready to receive help.

With love


Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist, Artist

  • Thame, Oxfordshire, UK
  • Email:
  • Call / Text: 07905 806383



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