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Troubleshooting Manifestation Problems – Part 2. Mindset

Mastering Positive Manifestation Requires a Different Mindset

Manifestation is a very interesting thing. Everyone can do it, but not everyone is able to get the results they want. It’s like the fact that everyone can draw, but the quality of that drawing can vary a lot from stick persons to gorgeous life like drawings. If you put in the effort, you can learn the techniques of how to draw a face, or a cute animal…

Similarly you can learn how to raise your vibration to attract good things, the ones you really want, into your life. But be careful, simply reading the book of techniques and knowing about them is not equivalent with putting them into practise. And in this case you must do the work, change your mindset, become aware of your negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, etc. to be able to attract to yourself what you really want.


If you are familiar with the concept of holistic healing and you read about the Law of Attraction before, you are aware that you are not just your physical body, you are an energy being indeed, radiating energy to your surrounding all the time. What you think and feel translates into energy waves and attracts from the Universe what is equivalent with them. To attract positive things, you need to be able to be part of the Universal flow first, to let this happen.

The law of attraction doesnt work for me

So imagine there is an energy ocean in the Universe and you supposed to be part of it, and in reality you are. However  your mind can alter your position. If your mind is in the way, because you feel you have nothing to do with the Universe and you feel you are locked into your body, you have an issue, i.e. you are disconnected.

Are you in an aqua bubble or swimming properly in the Energy Ocean of The Universe?

It’s like there are all the necessary ingredients given to you, however you are not able to make them work, use them the right way. Imagine you want to go swimming in that energy ocean, but you insist on going into the water in a giant aqua bubble. That doesn’t sound like it is going to work, does it? It will roll and float on the water, but your body certainly won’t get in touch with the ocean, you won’t be able to swim in it, similarly to when your thoughts and beliefs are in the way of the energy flow of the Universe. Your issue here is the barrier between you and the very thing you wish to swim in. This barrier can be created by you, simply thinking you are separated from the Universe and also what you believe about money, being rich, your own abilities, etc.

The Solution

In order to get into the right frame of mind you need to make friends with the Universe, feeling that you are part of it and the Universe has your back. Observe your thoughts about it, write down your findings and you will see where the barrier is.

So get working on how you see yourself in the Universe. It’s a very simple exercise. Just answer the questions below:

  1. Do you see yourself as separated from the Universe or as part of it?
  2. Do you feel like the Universe is punishing you, when bad things happen to you?
  3. Do you feel the Universe is out to get you and you are a victim of everything happens to you?

Even if you only answered Yes to one of the above questions, you are in danger of not flowing with the Universe, staying in your aqua bubble. To change this relationship you can use some specific positive affirmations:

“I am the Universe. The Universe is on my side. The Universe and I combined together…”

Repeat them daily, feel it, believe it. Add them to your positive affirmation list you created in the previous trouble shooting exercise Part 1. The Law of Attraction just doesn’t work for me.

Just remember you have an extremely powerful mind, which works as a double-edged sword. On the one hand it helps you to create whatever you put your mind to, on the other hand it can block you from the Universal flow, making you fail to get what you want.

With love


Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist & Artist, Law of Attraction Coach


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