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Love in a Water Bottle – Crystal Water – Bewater

What is crystal water?

Crystal water is a powerful combination of healing crystals and water. The different vibrations of the healing crystals are being emitted into the water. So when you drink the crystal water, it changes your vibration. It helps you to feel calmer, more balanced, it can soothe you, energise you…, depending on which crystals you are using.

Making crystal water at home is possible, but it is a rather fiddly process. Not to mention it requires an extensive knowledge of

  • which crystals are safe to place into your water,
  • what properties they have and
  • how they work with each other.

If you are a crystal healer, you can mix the right crystals to decrease anxiety, to feel more balanced, etc.

Bewater Crystal Water Bottles

I do work with crystals through my healing treatments, and I have made crystal water before, however it is not part of my everyday activities. So I am pleased to announce I coupled up with The Psychic Tree Online Shop, who sells high quality water bottles with crystal inserts.

So the good news is, now you can not only make crystal water the easy way, you can take it with you wherever you go, thanks to the manufacturer: Bewater. They make water bottles with inserts, that contain crystal chips.

They sell plastic and glass bottles. The advantage of the glass ones, is that you can replace the crystal chambers in the bottles, so you do not have to buy many bottles with different crystals in them.

Buy them here: The Psychic Tree – Water Bottles


Love in a Water Bottle

Bewater created a “Love range” (there are 4 different crystal mixes to choose from: Glow, Harmony, Passion and Compassion), which means each of the items in this range are aimed to create peace, love and balance. The above insert called “Glow”, which is a mixture of Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Aventurine crystals.


is a beautiful Purple or Violet stone, one of the master healer crystals, which is known as The Stone of Protection.

Healing Properties:

  • Draws in Divine Energy
  • enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation,
  • enhances spiritual awareness
  • great for stress relief,
  • tension headaches and migraines
  • Cleanses and protects the aura, heals holes

Rose Quartz

is a gentle pale Pink healing crystal, one of the master healer crystals.

Healing Properties:

  • Restores trust, harmony in relationships
  • purifies & opens your heart chakra
  • brings deep inner healing
  • encourages self-love
  • invokes self-trust & self-worth
  • aids the acceptance of change
  • excellent for use in trauma or crises


is a warm Green gentle healing crystal, The Stone of Prosperity.

Healing Properties:

  • a General Harmoniser,
  • dissolves negative emotions and thoughts,
  • promotes compassion and empathy,
  • calms anger and irritation,
  • promotes a feeling of well-being.

They are not only an amazing way to balance your energies on the go, but they also make fantastic gifts.

Crystal Water bottle Junior range

You can choose plastic water bottles for your kids. They can contain the same crystals you get for yourself. It helps your children overcome chaos through love.

Click on the link below to browse the crystal water bottles from Bewater.

The Psychic Tree – Water Bottles

With love


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