Self-Love Bundle

By building these energy tools into your daily schedule you are shifting from survivor mode to soul-based living. It not only allows you to feel better mentally, emotionally and physically, but also helps you raise your vibration and expand your consciousness. As a result you shift into a state of being, where you respond to events, people, problems from your heart / unconditional love.

Your bundle consists of 5 packages.

Here are the access pages for the products. Click on the link of the product you wish to access. It leads to the page where you can enter your password. Enjoy your package.

Soul Mantras – Access the page

Love, Self-Love – Access the Page

Find your Way to Meditate

Activate Your Psychic Senses – Access the page

Energy Fix & Flow – Access the page


Instead of paying for each products their full price, in total £114.30, you get the bundle for almost half price:  (48.6% off )