The healing journey from Superwoman to embracing your Goddess side

“Do you think you are Superwoman?” It was the very question I was asked, when I sought out help 15 years ago, when I was diagnosed with depression. To cut this long story short, I chose talk therapy instead of medication and, when I got healed I drastically changed direction and turned this experience into a stepping stone, i.e. establishing my business in holistic healing, with the intention of helping depressed women with Reiki healing and coaching…
I knew about myself by then that I was a warrior. Being strong, and dealing with everything that life was throwing at me was something I was actually very proud of…
BUT along the way, I discovered that being Superwoman cost me a lot. I felt that I couldn’t show my feelings, because I was taught they were a sign of weakness…
Something inside of me always knew that wasn’t true… So I decided to take the next step, to start embracing my feelings. And slowly, but surely I was taking down all the walls I built around my heart to protect myself because I realised I was previously in a war, with myself, and with the world around me. With the society, which was looking at me through the eyes of the distorted masculine. And where, as an empath and sensitive intuitive I wouldn’t be able to measure up to those expectations.
So I kept pushing myself to conform to unfair expectations that put me under extra pressure: to be strong, to repress my feelings, to be someone I expected to become, rather than I was meant to be.
So if it rings true for you, please know you are not alone!
I have been helping strong women, gorgeous warriors for 13 years to become Goddesses. Because a Goddess has much more power, as she is connected to her heart and is not afraid to show it to others!
I would love to walk this part of your path alongside you through online coaching and healing sessions if you let me.
However, if you prefer to do this on your own, at your own pace, please check out my self-love course to help you along on this journey:
With love
Eva x

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