Spiritual Healing

You matter. Don’t believe anyone, who tells you otherwise!

Do you feel down? Misunderstood? Invisible?

If you struggle, know that you matter. You are here on Earth for a reason. Your soul wanted to incarnate.

It is indeed an honour to be here on Earth in this lifetime. Why?

In 2012 many believed the world was going to end. Even the Mayan calendar seemed to back up that theory. Well, seemingly on the physical level nothing changed. However, in the realm of the energy world, a lot has happened.

The Mayans didn’t foresee the end of the world, they knew that in 2012 we entered an uncharted territory. How things pan out is now in the hands of us, and it all depends on the choices we make.

In 2012 new, higher energy dimensions became available to step into. And more and more support arrived from the Universe for Starseeds, Lightworkers, Earth angels, Twinflames and more. Those of us, who have a mission, who wishes to create a better world by choosing love over fear, cooperation instead of separation, the Light as opposed to Shadow.

The world needs your light more than ever!

Please know there is a way forward. You can connect with your soul family and find support.

With love

Eva x

PS: Please connect with me, if you are in need of light infusion 🙂 Whether you are unsure of your mission, trying to access your inner gifts, wanting to become more confident on your soul journey, or just in need of energy healing.

I have been an energy healer since 2010. In the last 13 years, I learned many healing modalities to support souls, thirsty for healing and love. I am a Law of attraction coach, spiritual guide, mentor, qigong teacher and soul artist.
My website: Home – Spiritual Wonders (spiritual-wonders.com)

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