Beware Your Thoughts Have Creative Power -Change Your Life with Positive Thinking Part 2

You have tried positive thinking and the Law of Attraction and you are still lacking of financial abundance and other desirable changes in your life. You might be missing some very important ingredients of how to add creative power to your thoughts.
Although thinking positively seems like a very easy exercise, it actually takes a lot of time and effort to master it. If it was so easy no one would have problems with abundance and manifesting their desires.
Positive thinking is a long-term project. It is a life style! Yes, you read it right it needs to become part of your everyday life if you wish to make great, positive changes in any of your life areas mentioned above. It’s about keeping your energy vibration at a higher level. The higher it is, the more effective.
What makes your thoughts creative?
We already talked about the power of your thoughts in the previous article. Let me summarize it for you quickly: whatever way you think whether it is positive or negative your thoughts have an impact on your being. How is that possible? Thoughts are brain waves, which are extremely powerful if you know what to do with them. Your body, including your energy body is a very
sensitive energy system, which reacts to your thoughts. If you think you are a
looser, no one can argue with you, you surely will create this situation for
yourself. Why you think you are a looser would be a different matter to discuss, but there must be areas in your life in which you are good at. Think
about it. However small you feel they are right now, and then start building on them.
Healthy portion of self-esteem and self-confidence

Have you noticed positive thinking starts with you, i.e. how you think about yourself? What limiting beliefs you are carrying around with you from childhood, from school, etc. also have an impact on your life? This is the most difficult part i.e. to spot them and change them, to be able to see yourself in a different light.  To practice it please follow the steps below:
Step 1. Write down at least 3 things you feel you are good at. Be as honest with yourself as possible. You can be good at so many things you don’t even know about. For example you are a good listener or you can provide a stable background to someone else, who can’t shine without your efforts, etc. Many people think it is inappropriate to value themselves, they confuse it with overconfidence. To be able to achieve anything in your life you need to know exactly who you are and what you are capable of. So don’t be shy, see if you can write down 3 more things you are good at.
Step 2. List those areas in which you feel you are a “looser”. Now what makes you feel like that? Are you handing out your personal power to others to let them “use you”? Are you not able to say no, even when you are exhausted or stressed out, so they can use you “as a doormat”? Change this picture! Claim your personal power back.
So what we are doing here is using the first list with your positive qualities to build a ground for strengthening your self-confidence, and make you realise how amazing you are. You need to trust and believe in yourself to be able to make others think the same way about you. The second list serves as a mirror of what you are doing wrong i.e. handing out power for example. When
you do that people take it and you end up being completely drained and maybe feeling not appreciated at all. Realise it is you, who let them take you for granted. Is this what you really want?
Can you see, it is always you, who writes the roles in yourown life? And it all starts with your thought process. How you think about yourself and what you think you are capable of are very, very important. If you got the hang of it, just keep going. Use your freshly gained self-confidence to make yourself feel better. There are no limits.
You might have low self-esteem or you tend to beat yourself up for the tiniest mistake you made. Don’t panic, you are not alone with this. And the good news is as you see you can change things.
Your beliefs

Some people are afraid of being who they really are. They think they need to live their life according to their parents’, husband’s, wife’s, brother’s, sister’s, workplace’s, church’s, etc, expectations. Unconsciously we accept what we heard in our childhood about our behaviour, and it sometimes takes
years after spotting them to get rid of these limiting beliefs about ourselves.
The good news is you can do it. You can be whoever you would like to be.
It takes courage and time to realise what you are doing. It’s easy to slip into “convenient thinking”, such as the neighbour does this and that, my parents did this and that, etc., which makes it look like you are following other people’s dreams. You have your own path, what you would like to achieve, who you would like to be. It’s all in you, so take the time to get in
touch with this inner part of yours, connect and dig it all out. How can you do
that? You need to be brave enough to stay alone with yourself and listen. Soon thoughts will flood in, including shopping lists, thoughts about what you mustn’t forget to tell your husband, etc. Then after a while your brain slows down and you have a chance to actually use your intuition, and might have great ideas, which take you ahead in whatever you would like to achieve. If you find it difficult try using visualization techniques to quiet your mind, or count the beads on the Rosary beads, or chant. Find your own way, and allocate 5 minutes every day for this process, just for yourself.
Your beliefs are more powerful in shaping your life than you think. And not just about yourself. For example people, who have money issues get surprised when they figure out it is actually down to them they are not able to draw in enough money. They think about money as something bad, or they judge
others, who buy expensive clothes, or accessories. When you think about a car
you can have next time would you dream about what you really want to have like a sexy sport car or something you can afford? There are limitations dare, did you see? Or  would you judge someone who spends £500 on a handbag? Did you say a bag for £500 is too expensive? It might be, the question is for whom, and why does it bother you? Be careful these thoughts are limiting your financial abundance.
Your desires

By now you have an idea about how to start this process. So far we only mentioned your thoughts and beliefs though. Unfortunately simply using your brain doesn’t get you very far on manifesting your desires. So what
Apparently our heart is the most powerful engine in our being. I don’t simply mean the physical heart, which is pumping blood and keeping us alive. I mean our heart as an energy centre. It is more powerful than our brains. You have experienced it already when you really, really, really badly wanted something. You thought about it. You imagined it as already yours. You felt how good it is to have the subject of your desire of your heart. This is the exact procedure you need to follow when you try manifesting your thoughts i.e. couple them up with real emotions. This way your brain and heart works together for you the way you want it.
Work on your self-esteem, weed out your limiting beliefs, and add positive thoughts along with desire to the mixture and you have a fantastic recipe of how to create with the power of thoughts.

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