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Depression from the Soul’s Perspective – Part 3 – Empaths & Sensitive Intuitives are energetically more at risk

Are you aware that some people have a certain energy setting that makes them more likely to fall into depression?

The good news is that you can recognise, whether you fall into this category and learn an energy hygiene routine and effective tools to be healthy and learn to celebrate your sensitivity.

From this video you can find out:

  • What is empathy?
  • Who are Sensitive intuitives?
  • Who are Empaths?
  • Why they are energetically more at risk to fall depressed?

If you feel this applies to you, this can be the first step to take on the path to turn something that feels like a curse into a blessing. I have been working with people like you, for more than a decade and I am a sensitive intuitive, empath myself. Let me know if you need help.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Eva x

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