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Read Your Soul History from and Clear Negative Patterns with the Akashic Records


Have you heard about the Akashic Records? Think of them as a giant energetic database that contains ALL information, past and present. It’s an overwhelming concept, isn’t it?

Well, there’s a program that actually teaches you how to intuitively access the Akashic Records to “read” the history of the Soul, discover its purpose, and clear negative patterns and restrictions that we may have created through past choices, both in this lifetime and past lifetimes. Soul Realignment Certification Program

If you’d like to know more, just visit this link: https://evamhunt– – there’s a terrific free online training that you can sign up for to get you started on this path!
It really is an incredible resource for those of you who want to put your intuitive development on the fast track!

I hope you enjoy this resource!


Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist, Artist


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