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How to Manifest Your Dream Apartment

Whether it’s because your current living space isn’t giving you the level of satisfaction you feel it should, you’re longing for a change of pace, or you have big plans for your future living situation, knowing where to start as you move forward in this new stage of your life can be daunting. And it’s no secret that finding the perfect apartment takes time. With a lack of affordable apartments due to skyrocketing rent prices, many renters may be feeling discouraged. But before you settle for the first place that opens up for applications, consider this: what if you could turn your dream apartment in Chicago or chic loft in New York into reality through your determination and mindset? Changing how you feel and think about apartment-hunting using the power of manifestation can help create a more positive outlook on your situation.

To help you get started, Redfin reached out to us and other notable experts for our best advice to help apartment-hunters manifest the perfect home and finally put down roots. Read on to find out how. 

How to Manifest Your Dream Apartment

Tips from Eva Maria Hunt Law of Attraction coach, 

When it comes to manifestation, the most important part is to feel because the Universe only listens to your energy vibration, not the words you say.

Focus on what you need and why because the Universe doesn’t support wants. For example, you need a large, comfortable space to start a family, etc.

Finally, physical objects, like a dream board of your ideal living place, can work wonders when emotionally charged, i.e., feeling you already enjoy being there. Hang your creation on your wall and every time you pass by, know and feel the joy of it as if it’s already yours. -Spiritual Wonders

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