Soul Alchemy through the Eyes of a Starseed from Vega

Through Soul Alchemy on Gnostic Tv, let’s uncover the path of ascension.

We are on the brink of a mass awakening, when many people feel trapped in the matrix and want out, but don’t know how. By answering a few common questions from my clients and my own journey through soul alchemy, I would like to take you out of the matrix for a few minutes to show you, who you are from the Soul’s perspective and how you can walk the path of ascension. Because you might feel like you are a pilot of an imaginary airplane, but what if you are a space traveller, and the vehicle you are driving is actually a spaceship, which can take you to living your purpose and fulfilling your mission instead of feeling like a weirdo, depressed & not belonging?

Meet Eva Maria Hunt: a spiritual guide, energy healer, and creative force from Vega, the Lyra star system. Since 2008, Eva has guided individuals on their journey of awakening and transformation, leaving behind her career in economics to pursue her calling.


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