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Modern future telling. How to watch tarot readings on YouTube?

Let’s talk about a subject that makes watchers confused & readers pull their hair out 🙂 I am talking about GENERAL tarot readings on YouTube!!!
I lost count now how many times I have explained to people that general readings CAN NOT POSSIBLY & WON’T RESONATE WITH EVERYONE. This is a fact!!!

Here is my playlist of 4 videos explaining how to watch tarot/psychic readings. I am talking about:

* how intuition works,
* what are psychic senses,
* what you must know about general readings and
* personal readings:

I do understand not everyone is at home in the world of energy & intuition. However, assuming that every reading people find on youtube must be for them is just wrong and certainly not true!!!

My 5 top tips on watching these readings:

  1. Like with everything, MODERATION is key!!! You can’t just binge-watch tarot readings and then blame the readers they don’t know what they are talking about, because you got confused. DO YOUR RESEARCH & make sure you know what you are doing.
  2. This is THE PSYCHIC UNIVERSE you enter when watching a tarot reading & this has NOTHING TO DO WITH LOGIC!
    You must use your INTUITION on deciding which readings can be yours. And then when you are watching the reading, you must do it CONSCIOUSLY, checking in with yourself constantly what resonates and what doesn’t.
  3. A few years ago I met a woman, who blamed his marriage ending, because of Facebook. Not because she spent all her time on there, rather than having time and attention, real-life experiences with her husband???

    Psychic readings can’t be blamed for whatever is happening in your relationship. If you want to know specifics, get a PERSONAL READING, please.

  4. And yes, different readers say different things about love, money, etc. Because they pick up on DIFFERENT STREAMS OF ENERGY, they set their intentions in different ways and therefore speak for a SPECIFIC AUDIENCE… The question is: Are you meant to be in that audience? You must feel your way through tarot readings. It takes time to get the hang of it. Sometimes a general reading can feel like a personal one. Other times the reading you so want to be yours, judging by the title, is simply not your story.
  5. So please don’t watch tarot readings on youtube, as if it was netflix. YOUR MIND WILL PLAY GAMES with you and you will get ADDICTED to it, rather than getting some valuable advice, tools, tips, knowledge, wisdom on where you are at and how to handle certain situations. Sometimes it is an EYE-OPENER to the depth of the situation you would never in a million years think of, but you were guided to that reading to hear that specific sentence or situation, so you can FIND CLARITY…

I am an energy healer, consciousness coach, intuitive, working in the holistic healing arena for 11 years. If you have a genuine question about the above subject, please let me know.


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