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Additional help to support you through your Reiki Distant Healing Experience – Your Questions Answered

I provide a 20 minutes long FREE Reiki Distant Healing service on Monday evenings to people, who request it. Read more or request it here

There are many different reasons to ask for Reiki Healing, such as physical pain, speeding up the recovery process from an illness, emotional pain, financial issues, being unsatisfied with your job, life choices, trying to attract love or raising your self-esteem…

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a high frequency spiritual energy, which works on all levels: physical mental, emotional and spiritual, moving energy blockages out of the way and restoring balance in your energy systemLogo Reiki 2015. Some people are very sensitive and can sense this energy as if I am standing next to them providing the treatment. Others might feel tingling, warmth or cold, or simply deep relaxation.

How does it work?

You are an energy being with many energy layers forming a protective bobble around your physical body.

Your Energy layers by Eva M Hunt

Reiki is a high frequency energy, which interacts with your energy field. It raises your energy vibration, moving energy blockages away which were created by stress, negative thinking patterns, holding onto old emotional hurt… Reiki enables you to make better choices, find a way to connect with and listen to your intuition, aids in letting go of emotional hurt and helps changing your thinking process in order to change your life.

How is a Reiki session different from a Distant Reiki Healing session?

It is a very different experience. When you receive a Reiki treatment in person it consists of two equally important parts: talking and the treatment itself. My aim is to learn about you in order to find the best way to help you achieve your goals with the treatment. Then we are working together on finding what lead you to this situation you found yourself in, and how you can change your thinking patterns, actions, reactions… in order to get a different result. A full treatment usually consists of 4 – 6 sessions, one Reiki therapy a week. During the weeks you learn tools to understand and work with your own energy, spiritual laws… I am there for you to help you through the energy shifts and their impacts on you i.e. releasing emotions, let them work through you…

The Distant Reiki treatment consists of 20 minutes healing only, which is being sent directly to you. Because time and distance doesn’t exist on the spiritual plane, I only need to know your name, the town you live in and your country to be able to reach you. As you see if you choose the distant healing version your energy still will shift, however you do not have my support, the energy tools or the additional knowledge and information that can help you to solve your problems.

Whatever your reason is for requesting Reiki healing first you need to get to a relaxed state. I created a guided visualisation, so at least through the ether I can be there for you to help you relax and guide you to a peaceful, meditative state, whilst you are receiving Reiki energy. The length of this recording covers the full length of this distant healing session.

Download Magic Garden Healing Guided Visualisation for Relaxation for £3.49 only

Do you need more help?

I hold SKYPE Consultation for spiritual, mental and emotional support

If you feel overwhelmed by the issues and or the energy shift happening in you or you simply would like spiritual, mental or emotional support to understand how you can change your life for the better you can talk to me on SKYPE.

How it works?

  1. Please send me an email to to organise a time suitable for your appointment. Please include in your email:
    1. your first name,
    2. town and country,
    3. date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy),
    4. a brief outline of the issues you would like help with
    5. and indicate that you would like a SKYPE SESSION with me.
      Introductory price for 2014:    45 minutes consultation: £20.00
  2. I send you a reply with contact details and suggestions for the date and time of the consultation.
  3. You pay in advance via PayPal or Credit card
  4. SKYPE session – we have a chat about your issues and work out a way for you to deal with them
  5. After the session I will send you an email with some important points we talked about and additional help.

I look forward to hearing from you

With Love, Light and Divine Blessings

Éva Mária Hunt (was Szántó) trading as Spiritual Wonders
Practitioner Member of the UK Reiki Federation
S.N.H.S. Dip. Colour Therapy
S.N.H.S. Dip. Crystal Healing
Healing Crystal Jewellery Designer
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