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From Struggle to Radiance: 8 Steps to rebirth the light from within

I am aware that many of you went through and/or are still going through extremely hard times. I know how difficult it might be for you to hold onto hope, because I was there, many times. And if you are my subscriber, client, friend or family member, whether soul or blood family, just by watching my videos, you helped me through very tough times. Thank you for being here and being you.

Here are the 8 steps you can take right now:

  • 1# Shift from identifying as human to identifying as a soul
  • 2# Eliminate toxic & negative energies
  • 3# Connect to your Heart
  • 4# Stop over-giving
  • 5# Understand that your challenges are tailored to your life lessons
  • 6# Charge objects with positive energies to hold onto the light
  • 7# Keep your heart open, doesn’t matter what
  • 8# You chose this path, but you are not meant to suffer!

Use these steps to shift your energy, and know if you are in pain, physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual, it’s ok to accept you are not ok. Find the support and help you need, and take one day at a time.

You will get there!

Please reach out to me, if you are called to, so I can help you shine brighter!

With love

Eva x

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