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Chakra Crystals – Beauty with Healing Power

What are Chakra Crystals?

I am being asked this question very regularly. Chakra Crystals are beautiful healing stones. They usually have a smooth surface. They can be tumbled stones, or so called chakra discs for ease of use.  They are working with your energy centres to restore the energy flow in your system. These energy centres have an important task of distributing the energy picked up by your aura (energy filed) to every single organs in your body. Your energy field can be disturbed by environmental impacts, the food you are eating, the lifestyle you are leading… If you are a worrier, stressed or angry a lot that could cause imbalance in your energy flow too.

Each Chakra, energy centre is corresponding with a ray of coloured light and connected to certain organs to distribute the energy to, and keep your energy system in balance. Crystals are giving off certain vibrations and are capable of working on many energy levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to restore the energy flow and balance in your body.

Chakra Crystals are usually a set of minimum 7 healing stones to match the number of main chakras, which from bottom to top are: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra. You possibly have heard about other chakras, such as Thymus or the Feet chakras. These chakras are existing, and very important too. However not all major systems include them in there listings of chakras. The colour of the gemstone usually matches the colour of the energy centre. There is more than one type of crystal suitable for each Chakra centre.

How to use these crystals?
Find somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed for about 20 minutes. Take some deep breaths, centre yourself and lay down comfortably. Place one chakra stone on each energy centre. The colour of the gemstone usually matches the colour of the energy centre. If you are unsure, please refer to the picture. Now try relaxing, and enjoy the energy radiating from the crystals. Don’t worry if you can’t sense it, they are still working on you. When you finished, slowly start moving your fingers, hands, feet and legs and take the crystals off your body. It is wise to cleanse them under running water to get rid of the negative energies they absorbed. Store them in a pouch until next time.

These healing crystals can be used as part of the set or on their own too. They all have their own healing properties and “specialities”. Amethyst for example is The stone of protection. Clear Quartz is the Master Healer crystal, and the Stone of Awareness. Turquoise is a protection stone, was used as an amulet for hundreds of years. New Jade brings you luck. Citrine is known as The Merchants’ Stone, so brings success and wealth to you. Carnelian is a very energising stone for attracting joy and happiness. Red Jasper is The Stone of Protection and Strength.

Spiritual Wonders Chakra Necklace made by Eva Maria HuntI make jewelleries specifically with Chakra Stones too, which are very popular. By wearing these beautiful gems your energy field getting good vibes throughout the day, and they are very colourful and attractive too.

Apart from these well -known properties every crystal can do so much more. Toget to know them a bit better please visit my web shop: www.spiritual-wonders.co.uk and for updates on healing crystals find us on Facebook: Spiritual Wonders – Energy, Healing, Consciousness

With love


About the author:
Eva Maria Hunt (Szanto) energy healer: certified Reiki Therapist, Practitioner member of the UK Reiki Federation, S.N.H.S. Dip. Colour Therapy, S.N.H.S. Dip. Crystal Healing, Healing Crystal Jewellery designer.
I am passionate about energy healing and the human energy field. Reiki was an enormous help for me to get better, when I was struggling in many areas… it has completely changed my life. It also inspired me to live my dream i.e. to help and inspire people to achieve their full potential. As a complementary therapist I help my clients to break through barriers, whether physical, emotional or mental to become, who they’re meant to be by using a 4 step method for a stress free, creative, joyful and healthy life. I combine Reiki therapy, crystal healing and the Tree of Life Healing (colour therapy) with self and spiritual development tools. To complement my holistic business I write articles, draw, paint, design and create my stationery and run Spiritual Wonders Crystal and Gift Shop.

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