As an energy therapist I have been working on helping my clients balance their inner masculine and feminine energies since 2010. Lots of them, including me are committed to their own self and spiritual development and have been working on themselves to heal their issues related to childhood wounds, low self-worth, etc. for many years. However it is very noticeable, especially this year (2019.) that the Universe has changed a lot in this period of time. Everything has sped up.

The Wounded Feminine

Just a few days ago another huge energy shift has happened, accelerating again our ascension. This is part of a very large scheme that has been happening for thousands of years. In the battle of light and darkness fear seemed to win over more and more times and both the Divine Masculine and Feminine became deeply wounded.

The Divine Feminine’s power has been taken away, her values have been repressed, she has been abused and she started to act from fear, i.e. became this wounded nurturer, healer. Women are feeling the energies of change for a while now. There are more situations created in our lives to face who we truly are, work through our fears and realise we are powerful souls in this human vessel, and indeed we came here, to Earth, for a reason.

Divine Feminine Raising

Many of us are lightworkers, who are strengthening and spreading the light on Earth, helping humanity and Mother Earth heal. If you are in tune with yourself and the Divine through some kind of inner work, meditation, prayer, consciously connecting with the Universe on a daily bases, you can feel both the unconditional and the tough love from the Universe. Pushing us into situations, where we must stand up for ourselves in order to fulfil our mission on Earth at large and live a love-filled, happy and rewarding life.

As the Feminine energies: intuition, nurturing, healing are gaining power, the ascension process is on its way now. The feminine is getting more powerful, which must be be kept in check, not to allow the situation to swing to the other extreme. Therefore there is a huge responsibility in the hands or more precisely, in the hearts of the feminine. We must act from LOVE to create balance and unity in the world.

Call to action for the Feminine

The Feminine is asked to work on their own wounds and old patterns of behaviour, rooted in fear. We simply cannot work on a scenario of becoming the leader of the genders after such a long exile, we have found ourselves in.

So we are asked to activate the unconditional love in our hearts, learning to prioritise ourselves, love ourselves and make decisions based on unconditional love.

We are also called to cooperating with other feminines, and by doing so, uniting our energies and raising our vibrations to the point, where a light-body activation can occur, another expansion of light and love can take place.

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