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Qi Gong for Health – Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

“Qi Gong and Yoga are undoubtedly the most popular healing exercises in the world today.” (Kenneth S. Cohen) Qi Gong is being practised by over one hundred million people worldwide. People practice it for many different reasons, including self-healing, relaxation, easy meditation, preventative purposes…

I am an energy therapist and when I mention to my clients the Qi Gong for Health classes and workshops they can attend to expand the tools they use to maintain their energy levels with they get really excited of the thought they can actually do something for themselves to feel better. It is empowering to know with practise you can get rid of stress related illnesses, become more centred, have a clear mind… and all in all you will be able to manage your life force energy in a more effective way that builds your energy instead of draining it. Of course in many cases it means to change bad habits and/or your environment to really be able to feel the benefits…

Eva Maria Hunt Certified Qi Gong for Health Teacher www.spiritual-wonders.com
Eva Maria Hunt Certified Qi Gong for Health Teacher www.spiritual-wonders.com

So when they hear about Qi Gong for Health they start bombarding me with many questions. Below I collected the top 10 frequently asked questions with the answers in a hope it will help you understand more about this ancient Chinese energy healing system.

1. What is Qi Gong for Health?

Qi Gong for Health is a non-traditional form of Qi Gong that you can easily learn and understand, which can fit in better with your busy 21st century life. It is based in ancient Chinese culture and goes back about 4000 years. Qi gong is often referred to as Chinese Yoga.

It is a self-healing practise, to gain control over your Life Force Energy/Qi/Chi to enhance your quality of life. It is achieved through

  • slow flowing movements,
  • deep breathing and
  • a calm, meditative state of mind
  • assisted with positive affirmations…

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 2. How Qi Gong for Health is different from exercises?

Qi Gong for Health uses an awareness of our being, which helps to access additional dimensions in it that traditional exercises programs are not able to.

Most exercise routines are:

  • not focusing on the meridian system
  • They do not use intent, when executing the exercises. They are simply focusing on one dimension of our being, our body.
  • They do not use breathing techniques…

When these extra dimensions of our being are involved in the exercises, when practising Qi Gong for Health the benefits of the exercises increase exponentially.

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 3. Why should I choose Qi Gong for Health?

  • It helps eliminating harmful behaviours and attitudes
  • Creates a balanced life style/living that brings more happiness and joy into your life
  • It gives a positive outlook on life
  • It helps to maintain your health
  • It assists in healing your body
  • It calms your mind
  • It soothes your body
  • It cleanses your soul…

Also see the main benefits of Qi Gong for Health…

 4. Who is it for? Is there any age limit?

As Qi Gong for Health is focusing primarily on your own life Force Energy (the energy in your being on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels) with easy, gentle movements it can be easily practised by anyone.

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 5. You said Qi Gong for Health is a self-healing practise. How much do I have to practice it?

It depends on what you would like to achieve:

  • For gradually building your energy and boosting your immune system you can do as much or as little as you wish.
    • Some people practise for 5 minutes a day
    • Others might practise twice a week for 30 minutes
  • However if you have a serious physical condition and wish to improve your health it can be 1 to 2 hours a day for as long as 2 – 3 months. It is possible you see the improvement immediately or maybe by the end of the 2-3 months period.


6.  Is Qi Gong for Health an easy way of meditation?

Some people do struggle with the idea of sitting down, trying to switch their mind off and getting into a meditative state. If you are one of them Qi Gong for Health can help you find your way of meditation. Qi Gong for Health is sometimes called flowing meditation. It refers to the state of mind you achieve, when you practise the slow, flowing movements, combined with focused concentration, breathing, visualization and positive affirmations.

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 7. Is Qi Gong for Health like Mindfulness?

The state of mind you achieve in Qi Gong for Health is similar to what you do in Mindfulness. “Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, with qualities like compassion, curiosity and acceptance… it is awareness from the heart”. (Mindfulness for Dummies by Shamash Alidina) When you practise Qi Gong for Health to start your practise you put a smile on your face and focus on the LOVE in your heart. However you are not only working with your mind and heart, you are also involving the meridian lines, breathing and positive affirmations, when directing your attention inwards during the exercises, and simply feel and sense your energies.

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 8. Is Qi Gong for Health similar to Tai Chi?

Both Qi Gong for Health and Tai Chi focuses on directing the Life Force Energy in the body and energy body. The main difference in Tai Chi the movements actually can be used for self-defense, whilst Qi Gong for Health movements are created for the purpose of health and healing. However Qi Gong has many different ways of practise and some is related to martial arts.

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 9. Is Qi Gong for Health similar to Yoga?

Qi Gong has been popularly referred to as Chinese Yoga, as yoga sometimes has been referred to as Indian Qi Gong. They have similarities in focused stretching, strengthening and health maintenance.  However there are significant differences too: Yoga is not part of any healing tradition, whereas Qi Gong is a precursor of traditional Chinese Medicine, and the foundation for Kung Fu and Tai Chi. There is a healing part in Qi Gong, which is focusing on energy transmission and self-massage. Medical “Qi Gong practise is like acupuncture without the needles.” (Kenneth S. Cohen). Yoga has very little movement if any in it, and focused breathing is not part of all practises, whereas Qi Gong focuses on breathing and simple movements from the beginning.

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10. What are the main benefits of Qi Gong for Health?

  • Soothes the nervous system to fight stress, anxiety
  • Builds a stronger immune system
  • Helps you to easily achieve a meditative state of mind
  • Clears the Mind
  • Cleanses the Soul
  • Reduces tension, blocks and stagnant energy by increasing oxygen supply to your tissues
  • Improves circulation
  • Alleviates conditions such as arthritis, chronic fatigue
  • Lubricates your joints for pain-free movement and greater flexibility
  • Retards the aging process by giving your organs an “inner massage” to restore healthy functioning
  • Improves your metabolism, great for weight control…

I hope I managed to answer most of the questions about Qi Gong for Health. However if you do have more questions I am happy to talk to you about them. Just let me know You find my contact details below.


“When it flows free, Qi energy heals and restores the body.” (Ian Fox) It is really an amazing practise that helps you to deal with stress easier, overcome emotional overwhelm, anxiety and lots of other issues caused by our busy life style, so you can live a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

“During the Qi Gong for Health Workshop I was able to leave all my negative energy at the door and enjoy learning all about this ancient Chinese self healing practice using simple but effective exercises. I now feel completely relaxed and balanced.” (comment from one of my amazing students)

If you wish to learn Qi Gong for Health, but live further away I have workshops running in Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK, where you can learn about this self-healing art and practise some exercises. The workshops run every three months, with different exercises, so you can gradually build up your repertoire and practise your exercises in the meantime at home, at your own convenience. I also offer Qi Gong for Health 1 to 1 sessions, if you would like to have a more customised approach to overcome your issues. I start weekly classes in Thame, Oxfordshire this Friday (27th March 2015) from 11:30 – 12:45 . It is a great way of putting the stress of the week behind, to relax and get in touch with your inner world. When practising in the company of others you also feel energetically and emotionally more supported. It is also an uplifting experience to meet like-minded people.

Please let me know if you are interested.

I look forward to hearing from you

With love


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