“Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!” Seriously!

The run up to Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year. If you happen to be someone giving and caring, who loves the buzz of preparing for Christmas, you might be in danger of burning yourself out, trying to make everything perfect and everyone happy, whilst pushing yourself too hard and putting yourself last on the list of people needs pampering. Sounds about right?

Virgos, brace yourselves!

Well, I know part of the joys for you is getting that organising skill mastered to the next level, ticking all the boxes and making everything absolutely perfect. Right?

The problem can be that you get yourself so exhausted you won’t be able to enjoy the festivities.

Whether you are a Virgo or not, let’s do it differently this Christmas! I know it would be a waste of energy to ask you to take it easy. Wink 🙂

Let’s see what you can do to save some energy to enjoy this Christmas!

When you open the first little window on your regular Advent Calendar, you know the Christmas Countdown officially started.

I created an online advent calendar to give you a good excuse to grab a cuppa… tea, coffee, hot chocolate … I hear you whisper mold wine :)… whatever makes you feel pampered and special. Go girl! 🙂 or Boy! 🙂

Good Vibes Online Calendar 2022

Now sit back and just enjoy some time charging up.

I brought the messages to you from the Divine with love & light 🙂 There are 24 of my channeled paintings inside with beautiful messages. energy tools, tips & tricks to make You, your holiday season and your life more balanced and happier!

Bookmark this page or keep coming back here to open one message a day by clicking on the date, (or the picture above it) on your Online Advent Calendar. Enjoy! 🙂 Eva x

My oracle decks I picked the cards from are: Moon Goddess Oracle and Heavenly Helpers.

They are available to purchase here.  

Enjoy the run up and Have a Wonderful Christmas!

With love

Eva x

My artist website: Holistic Colour Art – Art for Your Soul to Remember…

Shop fine art or canvas prints of my artworks on Saatchi Art: Eva Maria HUNT Artworks | Saatchi Art

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