This is my very first official oracle deck: Heavenly Helpers, created with 26 of my early channelled paintings and drawings.

CARD DESCRIPTIONS – Find the deeper meanings of the cards here 


Every painting arrived with special messages, as I was receiving them, and made them come to life on the paper or canvas. They provide guidance for you, along with the heavenly energies encoded in the paintings to help you step into Your Royal Spirit.

    • Size: 2.75” x 4.75” (70mm x 120mm)
    • Number of cards: 27
    • Card stock:(S30) Standard Smooth
    • Packaging: Plain white tuck box

This unique oracle deck contains both channelled words & energy encoded in the artworks colours, coming from the Angelic realm & other aspects of the Divine. They help you to step into your Royal Spirit & feel amazing! Perfect for guidance, protection & treating yourself to an energy shower. Ask for guidance. Shuffle the cards. Fan them out to choose 1 card. Hold it in your hand, read the message & look at the artwork in detail, whilst absorbing the colours & let them open up your intuition.

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Price: £25.30 (approx $31.50) + delivery  (price last updated 08/06/2023

This link takes you to a web shop, where you can purchase the deck(s). The deck is printed in the USA and delivered directly to you.