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Calling all Black Sheep, People feeling unworthy of love…

I have felt like a Black Sheep for decades in my life.
However much my family loved me, I didn’t have the feeling of belonging.
Most importantly I didn’t feel I was worthy of others’ love, as I was so different. I didn’t fit in.
It took me a while to realise and understand that maybe there is a reason I am different. Maybe I was born to stand out
and lead others to their soul to allow them to shine their light.
So if you feel any of the following, you are in good hands.
→ You do not belong
→ You are the Black Sheep of the family
→ You are unworthy of love
→ Life is one continuous struggle for you
→ You worry constantly about not having enough

These feelings can make us feel so isolated… but so many of us feel them.
The good news is that we can shift from these heavy feelings to lighter ones filled with joy. ❤🎉🎊
I call it Divine Living. And this is where we are fully in touch with our magnificent souls!
I struggled through many years of suffering to get to where I am. Sometimes having to get through lows completely on my own, as I felt, like no one understood me. I would love to be your guide and companion on this part of your journey, to accelerate your progress.
Do you want to live your life with more RELISH?
Click on the link to see how I can help you do just that.
Get in touch via email, please,  if you have questions.
With love
Eva x

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