Archangel Michael brings Courage, Protection, Divine Love – Healing Art by Eva Maria Hunt

For a while now I had a picture in my head about Archangel Michael. He is with me a lot and I have a very close and special connection with him, as a person and as a healer also. One day I felt brave enough to invite him in, to help me to put on paper the way I see him with my heart. I started with soft pastel and completed the picture digitally.

Archangel Michael by Eva Maria Hunt, Soft Pastel & Digital Art, 2015
Archangel Michael by Eva Maria Hunt, Soft Pastel & Digital Art, 2015

When I was channelling my artwork I was really happy with the way, as he gradually started to take shape. Then my conscious mind kicked in asking in surprise: “Where is Archangel Michael’s sword?” and I panicked, so tried to draw it in, but it didn’t work. I knew at this stage I need to step away for a moment. So I did. Then I took a deep breath calmed my mind and went back to the painting. And I realised he is the sword. The way I saw him it was so obvious, “his body” was shaped as a gorgeous Golden, shiny sword.

And here he is, sending his Indigo Blue protective blanket of light to everyone, who needs it… When you are full of fears, worries, or just need some courage, call upon this amazing Divine Being to help you feel safe, protected, loved… with his Divine Sword of light he can also cut unwanted attachments, energy cords that are unknowingly draining you.

My art heals through the colours I am channelling from the Celestial Realms, when creating the painting. Colours are energy, they can lift our mood, they are nourishment for our souls… You can even meditate with my paintings by letting the colours “flow off the paper” and imaging them entering your being.

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With love


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