I am an energy therapist and Energy Coach / Law of Attraction Practitioner working with clients from all walks of life since 2010, with issues regarding mental and emotional health, relationship, job, money problems, finding your path, your purpose in life, etc.

Through Reiki therapy, Crystal healing, LOA Coaching, and Qigong, self-healing art, I provide holistic healing and guidance to release stress, build resilience, strengthen self-confidence, become more creative, etc.

I also help people, who don’t feel enough, or had enough, to connect with their higher nature for healing transformation.


It’s all about YOU!

My aim is not only making you feel better, but also to help you understand how to gain control over your mind, your emotions and enjoy better health on all levels in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

As an energy being you are not only affected by the frequency of your own thoughts and emotions, but your other fellow humans’ and the energy currents of the Universe too. The latter supports changes inside of you, which serve you on a soul level.

The problem is, when you are unable to see things from the higher perspective and you fall into victim mentality, feeling punished by the Universe.

I provide you with Soul-level empowerment & guidance, so you can navigate these energies to your advantage for an abundant & happy life.



I mainly work with generally healthy people, who needs guidance on their path, whether

  • They are sensitive intuitives (maybe even not being aware of this, or they do know it, but have no idea, how to handle this)
  • they have low self-esteem,
  • just got out of a relationship and trying to find their feet,
  • are in a dead-end job,
  • or the opposite, they love their job, and want to find a way to connect with their intuition to become more creative, productive…
  • who feel stressed, depressed,
  • unable to switch their mind off…

in general, who has an open mind and ready to step into their power to transform themselves and their reality for the better, in alignment with who they truly are.

Using my experience, intuition and knowledge I gathered throughout the years

  • I guide them through the obstacles,
  • hold a safe place for them to explore their limiting beliefs, worries and fears
  • give them the tools to not only hold their newly reached, higher frequency, but also increase it through changed habits and better serving energy patterns…



in the New Way Of Life (Covid-19)

Holistic Coaching via video call 

(Skype, Whats App, Messenger)

Session length: 60 minutes

Set of 4  Sessions: £192.00 (£48.00 per session)

Here the focus is on finding out, what is affecting your energy vibration in a negative way, what you can do to raise your vibration, therefore to change your reality in a positive way. In addition you receive the tools we discuss as a pdf, mp3 or video format.

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Qigong Online 

Online 1 to 1 Sessions (video call)

  • set of 4 sessions paid in advance in one sum: £120.00
  • or £38.00 per session

Live Qigong Online Classes on Zoom

from 26/03/2020

40 min. session £4

4pm Mon – Fri

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More than a reading… Spiritual guidance & energy healing

In fear mode? Can’t access your inner guidance? Let me help!

  • A burning question reading (delivered as a voice message on what’s app with pics of the layouts) £25.00
  • 30 minutes online (video) or in person reading is £44.44
  • 60 minutes online (video) or in person reading is £80.00

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Plus FREE Support 

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