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Guided visualisation to connect with your heart.

A Gift of Love from my heart to yours

Glowing with Love & Light – Guided visualisation

Listen to this guided visualisation, to soak up the frequency of love, re-balance and re-charge you own energies and intentions. With love and light Eva


Qigong taster video session with Covid-19 in mind.  

I have put together 6 exercises for you, with the coronavirus threat in mind, as a Qigong taster session:

  • strengthening and cleansing your lungs & energy field
  • calming your anxiety, anger, fight or flight response
  • and more.

( Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the video)

Daily oracle and tarot card readings to deliver messages to you from Spirit / The Divine/ The Universe on
my Moon Goddess Oracle You Tube Channel and Moon Goddess Oracle Facebook Page and Instagram page @evamariahuntart. Do like, share, subscribe, so the mesages can get to more people.

  • Empaths Daily for empaths and sensitive intuitives
  • Virgo Love – romantic love readings for Virgo Sun, Moon, Raising & Venus, & the cross-watcher.
  • Lightworkers & Starseeds – if you feel called to step up and step out this guidance is for you.