Eva is an Empowering Energy Healer

“Dearest Eva, what a wonderful blessing it was to have received and worked on energy coaching with you. I was in a place of great uncertainty and transition, and didn’t know where I fitted in… The sessions I had with you, Eva, were of great encouragement and healing and transformation of getting to the root essence of self-worth. Forever grateful for your time and your beautiful light. Kindest regards” Ruksana.

I have been helping dozens of people monthly, through online healing and coaching sessions, without ever meeting them in person.

Having online healing, coaching sessions is a very good way to reach out and receive healing, inspiration and empowerment:

                  • when you feel stuck or lost
                  • low, even depressed
                  • frustrated, angry
                  • anxious
                  • when you are unsure what path to choose, which way to go ahead
                  • struggling with money blocks
                  • relationship problems
                  • job / career issues, etc.

We have all been there, and sometimes reaching out to others feels really scary. Maybe, because

  • your family doesn’t get you or
  • you feel that your friends, colleagues… have already formed a picture of who you are, and breaking out of that mould feels impossible.

You don’t want to loose them, but you don’t feel you can open up to them either, or they simply do not have the resources, awareness and knowledge to help you. Please know that is perfectly normal.

We are made of energy, therefore our emotions and thoughts are energy too. When you get to a low vibrational state of feeling not enough, useless, hopeless… your energy field (aura) starts to feel like a prison, it becomes deflated. Trying to change to positive thinking won’t be enough at this stage, you need to address the real energetic problem. It is like if your bike has a flat tyre, you can place your finger on it to stop the air coming out, after you have pumped it up, but the moment you move away from the tyre and try to ride your bike again, you have the same problem i.e. flat tyre. So you need to get a repair kit to permanently fix the problem. Similarly I can help you find the root of your energy leakage or whatever issue you are struggling with.

Is this online session for you?

  • If you recognised yourself in the above description and
  • feel you have reached a dead end
  • You are exhausted emotionally
  • drained energetically
  • lost your hope and feel too tired to keep struggling on…

Yes, it is for you.

What do I offer through the online sessions?

  • a fresh pair of ears and eyes,
  • expert techniques and tools from the field of energy, emotional and spiritual healing,
  • Energy Management and Energy Coaching,
  • Law of Attraction Coaching
  • a new view on your issues and life from an intuitive, warm, giving soul, who has worked with hundreds of clients in the last 9 years, and who herself, personally went trough very intense self- and spiritual development.

I would be honoured to help you and get to your aid with my vast knowledge and experience in soul-level empowerment.

Pricing for Online Sessions:

                  • Set of 4 session: £192.00 (£48.00 per 60 minutes session)


Payment must be in advance via bank transfer or PayPal.

Video Calls

The video calls can be carried out via Skype, Whats App or Messenger.

Book your Online Sessions

Email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com

T: 07905 806383