Welcome to holistic healing. I would be honoured to be your companion at this part of your journey to bring light into your situation and love into your heart. Sometimes we are either

  • too close to what is happening to see clearly or
  • we do see what is going on but don’t know how to overcome the obstacles and move forward.

Whichever applies to you, you are in good hands. I work intuitively, combining my knowledge, wisdom, and experience in working with clients since 2010.

I developed my own healing method over the years, which combines:

  • Energy Healing,
  • Law of Attraction Coaching and
  • Spiritual Guidance.

With these coaching/healing sessions, I can help you to

  • create a better relationship with yourself: self-love, self-worth, self-confidence, etc.
  • get rid of mind chatter, obsessive thinking, and emotional overwhelm
  • attract abundance (work through your limiting beliefs, change your mindset, etc)
  • polish your psychic senses (spiritual development)
  • raise your consciousness (spiritual development)… and more.

Who do I work with?

I work with women from all walks of life and Divine Feminines of a Twin Flame connection, who could be either in a female or male body.

  • Empaths & Sensitive Intuitives. Are you one? Watch video 
  • People with Self-worth issues & Money issues, Not Enough Watch video
  • Feminine energies in Romantic love situations: Soulmates, Twin Flames Watch video
  • Strong women – Your resilience made you an amazing, strong woman. You could be achieving success at work, in business, however when it comes to love, you don’t seem to have much luck…

I offer two types of support:

Online Mentoring & Healing:

£66 ($80) per session / 1 off session (1 hour session)


Set of 4 sessions package 4 x £48 ($58) = £192 ($232)


£48 ($58) per session (1 hour session) if you sign up for 4 sessions

Basically the same as the set of 4 sessions, just paid in instalments, which are not automated, therefore you have to submit payment before each one of your sessions. Thank you.


Online VIP Mentoring & Healing:

£90 ($108) per session (1 hour session with 7 days online support after the session via What’s App, Messenger, email)


Set of 4 sessions package 4 x £72 = £288 ($347)


£72 ($90) per session (1 hour session with 7 days online support after the session via What’s App, Messenger, email) if you sign up for 4 sessions

(basically the same as the set of 4 sessions, just paid in instalments)


Frequently asked questions
Do you do energy healing?
Yes, I do. I work with energy. I identify the underlying energy current of the situation you are in and offer you help to correct the energy patterns on all relevant levels: mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual. It means I combine different healing modalities to assist you on your healing journey.  I am a Reiki therapist, a Law of Attraction Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Colour Therapist, Qigong Teacher and Spiritual Guide.

How energy healing works?
In a nutshell, everything is made of energy, including you. You have a fantastic set of energy systems (Aura & Chakras, Dan Tiens/Elixir fields, Meridian lines & Organ system, etc.) working together in your energy being. Your densest energy layer is your physical body. When a traumatic event happens in your life that takes you out of balance mentally or emotionally. It creates an imprint in your energy field, which causes blockages, changes the healthy flow of energy and creates disease. Thought patterns are brain waves, emotions are energy... by addressing the underlying issue, I can help you correct your thought patterns and emotional habits, raising your vibrations to get back to the healthy flow.

Is it a councelling session?
No, it isn't. I do help and give guidance in resolving personal or spiritual issues, however, it is not a councelling session. It may feel like talk therapy occasionally, but it is an interactive healing process, rather than talk therapy.

Is it a therapy session?
No, it isn't. I do help to resolve mental and emotional conditions through verbal communication and interaction, but I am not a therapist. Many clients of mine did have therapy or still undergoing therapy, whilst reaching out to me to find a more soulful/spiritual approach to their healing process and widen their understanding of who they are.

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These mentoring and healing sessions can be and/or can  incorporate any of the following:

Online Reiki Healing Session - Reiki is an energy healing method. Unlike medication, which only treats the symptoms, energy work treats the cause of the problem, which leads to a holistic approach, working simultaneously on Mind, Body and Soul.

Energy Healing Session - Traumatic breakup? Loss of a loved one? Do you feel like your heart is bleeding? You are not wrong in the energetic sense. Let me help you heal your energetic heart & teach you ways of managing your emotions.

Chakra & Aura cleansing and healing session - I connect with you intuitively and check your aura and chakras for any imbalance, blockages, etc.

Journey through 10 chakras, Interactive energy healing session - I connect you with your intuition to work out the issues with my guidance and help you with practical tools.

Working with the Law of Attraction - helping you to transition from the old way of struggling/lack consciousness to the new way of thriving, prosperity consciousness.

Energy management - teaching energy management techniques

Channel with confidence through oracle cards - I teach a specific way to channel from your Higher Self, your Spirit Team, etc.


Special one-off sessions to accelerate your progress

Numerology reading & Guidance session 

Your date of birth holds deep secrets of who you are, many things being encoded by your soul...

£99 / approx ($120)  

What happens during the online sessions?

  • I listen to your issues and tune into your energies to map out the areas to work on
  • My effective method guides you through the main areas that need addressing. If you are open-minded, you have amazing breakthroughs even during one session. Check out below what my clients say about their experience during the coaching sessions.
  • I give you the energy tools to maintain your energy body and manage your mental and emotional energies to help you hold onto the higher energy frequency you are reaching during the sessions.

A series of 4 sessions

When you sign up for a series of 4 sessions, it is ideal to schedule them in once a week over 4 weeks. There is a maximum of 2 months, we can spread these sessions over, as the information and tools you are learning, build on each other.

Cancellation of any mentoring or healing sessions

Please give me minimum of 24 hours notice, if you have to cancel. Failing to do so can result in not being able to reschedule your session.

About me (in a nutshell)

I have been practising in the holistic healing arena since 2010.

I am a consciousness coach. I connect you with your soul, allowing you to shift from mind to heart power.

I am also an energy therapist, meaning I have studied many healing modalities to cleanse, energise and balance the energy aspects of your being. I am a reiki practitioner, crystal healer, Qigong for Health teacher, colour therapist, Law of Attraction practitioner and energy coach.

What my Clients are saying about their experience?

Helped me break several barriers I have been struggling with for years  – Eva is an extremely caring, compassionate, and intuitive natural healer.  She is selfless, honest, and open. I was fortunate enough to find her on Patreon and all of her readings resonated with me, which is why I decided to get a personal reading and I still receive spiritual coaching from her.  In just a few short weeks she has helped me break several barriers I have been struggling with for years in my life.  Each time I speak with her, she can easily read the situation and help me resolve the issue on my own.  She has helped me reveal and release trauma bonds, reposition my twin flame, and support me during the loss of my father.  She has recommended crystals and energy protecting strategies that have made the world of a difference for me. I am so grateful the Universe has placed her in my life. Raquel, New York, USA, Nov 2020

I am so good on self-love right now & I feel awesome! Hello Eva, Thank you for our session. Just wanted to say what has changed for me in the last few days. I am having a crazy experience, I am able to see stuff that will happen in the future. And see people and their intentions very clearly. I am so good on self-love right now. And I feel awesome! I am setting boundaries and speaking clearly on what my needs are on people. Avoiding situations that no longer serve me and I feel awesome. I am getting back to myself. I keep seeing my higher self, she has been helping me make decisions. I am so grateful, Eva, thank you so much! Nina, USA, Nov. 2020
It’s like I had a spiritual block and now it’s been removed and I’m connected to source again I want to say thank you for our session yesterday, it has blown my mind how connected I felt after waking up this morning and further more I slept the whole way through the night which is the first time in forever. I feel like I’ve found myself again and I have so much more insight to myself from out talk. The review of the meeting in this email is great and I’m going to go over it and incorporate what you have suggested into my daily routine. I wasn’t sure at first what I would get out of our session but I’m amazed of how much I’ve taken from it and how much better I feel it’s like I had a spiritual block and now it’s been removed and I’m connected to source again. 5 stars Thanks again. Damien, UK, Oct. 2020