Coaching & Healing Programme

Love Who You Are

This is my flagship coaching & healing programme, which is currently only available, as a series of 1 to 1 online coaching sessions.

In summary, I help you to switch from mind to soul power, from struggle to balance and harmony, from lack to prosperity consciousness and more.

It is completely customised to your needs,

so it is perfect if you would like to

  • improve your love relationship
  • work on yourself:
    • create better relationship with yourself: self-love, self-worth, self-confidence, etc.
    • get rid of mind chatter, obsessive thinking, emotional overwhelm
    • attract abundance (work through your limiting beliefs, change your mindset, etc)
    • polish your psychic senses (spiritual development)
    • raise your consciousness (spiritual development)…

What happens during the online sessions?

  • I listen to your issues and tune into your energies to map out the areas to work on
  • My 4 step method guides you through the main areas that need addressing
  • I give you the energy tools to maintain your energy body and manage your mental and emotional energies to help you hold onto the higher energy frequency you are reaching during the sessions.

About me (in a nutshell)

I have been practising in the holistic healing arena since 2010.

I am a consciousness coach. I connect you with your soul, allowing you to shift from mind to heart power.

I am also an energy therapist, meaning I have studied many healing modalities to cleanse, energise and balance the energy aspects of your being. I am a reiki practitioner, crystal healer, Qigong for Health teacher, colour therapist, Law of Attraction practitioner and energy coach.

I offer two types of support:

Online Coaching:

£60 ($75) per session / 1 off session (1 hour session)


Set of 4 sessions package 4 x £48 = £192 ($240)


£48 ($62) per session (1 hour session) if you sign up for 4 sessions

(basically the same as the set of 4 sessions, just paid in instalments)



Online VIP Coaching:

£90 ($112) per session (1 hour session with 7 days online support after the session via What’s App, Messenger, email)


Set of 4 sessions package 4 x £72 = £288 ($359)


If you are a participant in my FREE 5 Day Self-love challenge, or eligible for coaching promo, (you will have the password), please,

access Coaching promo page by clicking on this link:

I have the password. Take me to the promo page, please. 


Helpful tools on your journey:

Shop Powerful Tools to raise & maintain your good vibes

Energy FIX & FLOW



Find your way to Meditation  – experiment with 6 different ways of meditation to suit your energy and mood

Soul Mantras – powerful soul truths and positive affirmations to allow your soul to remember, connect to unconditional love and thrive

and more.