Hi, I am Eva, Expert in all types of Love Matters.

As an energy healer and consciousness coach since 2010, I have  worked with thousands of clients, mainly women from all walks of life. My work is focused on correcting energy patterns in my clients,

  • so they can align with who they truly are (unconditional love)
  • create a better relationship with themselves (self-love) and
  • with their partners (romantic love).

I am focusing on love in my psychic readings for twinflames and soulmate connections too and give guidance through my reading and coaching sessions to empaths, starseeds, earth angels and lightworkers.

My job is to connect people with their soul. It is all about shifting from left brain logic only, to relying more on your creative and intuitive abilities. When you replace your fear-based thinking with a love-based one, your entire world changes, because you are getting in touch with your soul’s guidance. It really is about making a quantum leap and unleashing your true power.

Are you ready to get your glow on and experience life from a different perspective?

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