Heavenly Helpers Oracle Deck by Eva Maria Hunt

Download card descriptions, as pdf Heavenly Helpers Card Descriptions

Hi, I am Eva, energy therapist, consciousness coach, artist and intuitive, a multi-passionate creative. I have been working in the holistic healing arena since 2010. My aim is to connect people with their soul to love & thrive. I am known on You Tube, as Moon Goddess Oracle * Soul Reader, on IG, as evamariahuntart. I’ve been channelling from the Divine in many different ways: as a Reiki healer, a spiritual artist & card reader. My channelled paintings contain encoded messages that are moving the viewers emotionally. Here is how one of my clients experienced my artwork: “As I looked at one of Eva’s healing art I could feel the energy of it coming off the page. I found the tears started to prick the back of my eyes & my heart began to swell. I have never reacted to a piece of art in quite this way before… Eva had somehow managed to incorporate a huge amount of healing energy into her work. A truly unique experience and testament to the power of her work.” Lesley B.

This unique oracle deck contains both channelled words & energy encoded in the artworks colours, coming from the Angelic realm & other aspects of the Divine. They help you to step into your Royal Spirit & feel amazing! Perfect for guidance, protection & treating yourself to an energy shower.

How to use the deck?

  1. Ask for guidance.
  2. Shuffle the cards.
  3. Fan them out to choose 1 card.
  4. Hold it in your hand, read the message on the card and here too, if guided.
  5. Now look at the artwork in detail, whilst absorbing the colours & let them open up your intuition. You can imagine that the colours flow off the card right into your aura. Enjoy.

I am so excited to share with you a little deeper meaning of the cards here.

With love



The Angels 

  • Guardian angel
  • Feather
  • Angel watching over you
  • Angel with rainbow
  • Angel of healing
  • Blue Angel

The Chakra Angels  

  • Crown
  • Third Eye
  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Solar Plexus
  • Sacral
  • Root


  • Michael
  • Raphael
  • Ariel

Helpers from other dimensions

  • Fairy
  • Dragon
  • Unicorn
  • Spirit animal
  • Angels lift the veil

Connecting with your Angelic Self 

  • Earth Angel
  • Motherly love
  • Bridge of Judgement
  • Blanket of love
  • Knocking on Heaven’s door

The Angels

Angels are beautiful light beings, who never incarnated on Earth. They are part of your spirit team though and you can call upon them any time. Your guardian angel never leaves your sight, he or she is always with you, constantly looking after you. Angels often take on a human form, when appear to you, to make you feel more comfortable. They could just communicate with you through your feelings without ever appearing to you. There are many other angels too, who you can call on, when you need support in romantic love, creating abundance, etc. Apart from the words written on the cards and here, the main form of communication is happening through the energy encoded in the colours. Soak them up,

Guardian Angel – Angels, healing, love & spiritual protection

You have a guardian angel, watching over you in your entire life. Sometimes, when you are feeling lost, depressed or alone, they do carry you, trying to pour their infuse in you. So open your heart, let that love flow in and ask for their help in whatever the matter. All colours of the rainbow are showing up here for you to feel you are loved beyond imagination.

Feather -Healing. love calm, protection, messages

Angels are known to leave feathers around either, as a confirmation you are on the right [path or as an answer to one of your prayers. This painting has only soft Pinks, Blues & Greens in it, helping you feel loved and comforted and challenging times.

Angel watching over you – help, guidance, support

Please don’t feel bad, even if you need to ask your angel many times a day. They are not allowed to interfere with your life, unless you specifically ask them. When you do, they either take your problem and solve it, or replace it with something better. So keep working with them. They have the answers you are after.

Angel with rainbow – transition, finding balance, new beginnings

This angel reminds you that feeling low or sad is fine. Allowing your tears to flow is releasing heaviness and negativity, so you can shift back up again and take a leap of faith towards yourself and start the next day anew.

Angel of healing – Green is for inner peace & strengthening the immune system

This angel works with your heart in a different way to the Angel of Love (heart chakra angel). She is healing your emotions, your thoughts and mind set, also physical symptoms. All illness is rooted in the emotional and mental plain. Soak up this Green healing light and feel it radiating out from your heart to every cell in your body, and every particle in your aura.

Blue Angel – calming, healing energies

This Blue angel is holding your heart safely in her amazing wings, filling you up with nurturing, soothing love and light. Healing Greens, Calming Blues and Spiritual Purples are helping this process. Soak them up, as you meditate and feel them in different parts of your body and being.


The Chakra Angels of the deck

I was guided to channel the angels for each of the 7 chakras located on the physical body. These gorgeous angels all had some important message, which they communicate not only though colours, but the very shape too of how they appeared to me. We do have more than 7 chakras, and on the journey of awakening and raising our consciousness, we are activating all of our 12 chakras. These ones are the 7 well-known ones, which are activated on all humans.

Crown/ top of the head- Absolute awareness. The colour for this chakra is Violet / Purple This chakra angel is surrounded by many other beings and angels to protect you on all levels, from every direction. These colours Violet and Purple consist of two others, the passive Blue & the active Red. Similarly to the darkness and light in Yin Yang. Two opposite qualities, which when united create a whole, connecting you with your spirit. Therefore Violet and Purple represent transformation, spiritual power, inspiration, meditation, etc, It calms down mental and emotional stress.

Third eye/ middle of forehead – Inner wisdom. The colour for this chakra is Indigo/ Royal Blue This chakra angel is so delicate yet have the strength of a waterfall, cascading down from great heights. She is so pure too.  This deep Blue increases spiritual perception, helps greater intuition and awareness. This colour ray purifies the bloodstream and helps with issues of the mind.

Throat – Communication. The colour of this chakra is sky Blue. This delicate angel is sweeping through with her amazing wings sparkling in the Sun shine and glittering with the Moon light. Her colour is about truth and wisdom and it has antiseptic properties. It helps calm down inflammations, fever, strong emotions, like anger. It is the perfect colour to bring you peace, when you are stressed.

Heart – Love, Self-love, Unconditional love. The colour for this chakra is Pink This angel welcomes you into her wings, radiating love straight to your energetic heart centre. Pink represents unconditional love. It heals grief and sadness. On the physical level it helps tired and aching muscles, reduces puffiness and wrinkles. 🙂 Love is the ultimate medicine. Open your heart to it.

Solar Plexus/underneath the ribcage – Confidence, inner power. The colour for this chakra is Yellow This angel holds a star, representing your Inner Sun, radiating your light and power. Yellow is about cheerfulness and mental clarity. It is uplifting and empowering. It brings you joy, increased self-esteem and eases depression. On the physical level it energises the muscles, speeds up digestion and helps the skin heal.

Sacral/ at your naval – creativity. The colour for this chakra is Orange This angel is awakening your Royal Spirit. Looking after your sacral centre, which is the seat of your inner child and also acts like a spring of pure soul light. Orange represents the warmth of fire. It is energising and helps moodiness. It inspires creative thinking. It’s a great colour to ease depression,

Root/ at your tailbone area- Grounding. The colour for this chakra is Red This angel has a special structure to her wings, that makes her look like a tree. Reminding you of her aim to connect you with the Earth. Red is a light ray that brings warmth and boosts your energy. It is related to the materialistic side of the world. When you are connected and grounded, only than you can manifest your dreams into this reality.


The Archangels of the deck

All Archangels have their specialities. You can call upon them, when you are in need of their expertise. Please know that they are omni-present beings, meaning they are capable of being with all of us simultaneously, attending to our individual needs. So you never take them away from someone else, who you might think are in greater need of their help than you are.

Michael – Courage, Protection, Divine love

When you see Electric Blue sparkles of light around you, Archangel Michael is near by. He is the strongest and most powerful archangels of all. The guardian of Earth, leading the battle with the shadow forces. Although he has this amazing, high power, you can connect with him individually. Archangel Michael is protective, caring, loving. Call upon him, when you go through difficulties in life, when you feel fear and need some reassurance.

Raphael – Physical and emotional healing, emotional balance

When he is around you, you might be seeing glimpses of Emerald Green light. He knows, if he announces his presence through his Emerald Green light you will start relaxing straight away and feel better immediately.

Ariel – wealth, abundance, providing the means by which we can acquire our physical and material needs . Closely connected to animals, minerals and the elemental forces in nature. When she is around soft Pink, Silvery White and Light blue light could appear to you. She radiates kindness and Divine love.


Helpers from other dimensions

When you realise you are a soul, spirit, you start understanding that before you have incarnated on Earth, you had serious planning to do with your spirit guides. Because in the moment of your birth, your soul memory has been wiped, therefore you needed a team of helpers guiding you until you remember, who you truly are. Apart from your spirit guide, guardian angel, etc, there are helpers available to you from many dimensions too.


This Green fairy caught in the Moon light sprinkling magic all around you. Fairies are elementals, the guardians of plants and flowers. They are ready to work with humans with a pure heart to help with positive manifestation in alignment with the Moon cycles. They also want to assist us in healing our hearts and find love in every situation.


Dragons are also part of the Elemental Kingdom. They tend to the energy structures of the Earth. They help cleansing low vibrations with the Violet Flame and Gem Rays. They have been integrated with Gaia since the fall of Atlantis. They made a sacrifice to work with the fourth and fifth dimension and with the different elements. So there are air, water, earth and fire dragons. This card represents all four aspects. The Water dragon – helps you flow easily round obstacles, and the Earth Dragon clears 5th dimensional ley lines. The Fire Dragon purges negativity out of your life and the Air Dragon helps the ether to be filled with Angelic vibrations.


Unicorns are White horses ascended to higher dimensions. My Unicorn isn’t White, She is made of Pink and Blue to remind you that without an open heart filled with love, you have no chance in connecting with them. Unicorns sense your light. They can grant your wishes, your true heart desires, heal you physically, emotionally and spiritually. They can help clearing your karma, when you are ready. Call upon them and connect with them. They shine like millions of diamonds.

Spirit animal

Spirit animals are messengers, guides, teachers that has a personal relationship with you. Your spirit animal represents your inner personality, showing your feelings through their own actions and characteristics. Here we have a White Eagle that wanted to show itself. It guides you through change, helping you to rebirth yourself. Showing you how to tap into your inner strength and stay true to yourself. Eagle is a symbol of our connection to the Divine, because it flies higher than any other birds. It’s about freedom, courage and honesty.

Angels lifting the veil

This card is about seeing your world in a different light. You got used to looking at yourself in the physical world, as a human, because it is how you were conditioned ever since you were little. Some of us were connected stronger to our gifts, as children, but got ridiculed and forced to shut down these psychic abilities in ourselves. It’s time for you to reconnect, and see yourself, as a gorgeous soul with a human body, so you can open up to your gifts and to the world of your soul self.


Connecting with your Angelic Self

When you awaken to the fact that you are primarily a spirit connected with a human body for this lifetime, things start shifting for you and you start to see the world in a very different light. After a while connecting with your Higher Self, Angelic Self through your intuition will become second nature for you. You realise that we are all one, coming from Source, the world of unity i.e. love and light to incarnate on Earth, in this duality world to learn lessons in Earth school.

Earth Angel – Kindness, love, teaching, healing, helpful service

“An Earth Angel is a soul with non-Earthly origins… you are a powerful lightworker with a legacy of healing behind, and in front of you.” Doreen Virtue As an Earth Angel you are channelling messages from the Angelic realm and passing them onto people, who come in contact with you or your work.

Motherly love – protection, guidance

There is a saying “mothers are angels in disguise.” Becoming a mother, bringing another soul to the Earth creates an amazing, invisible bond between souls for a lifetime. You don’t necessary have to give birth to be a mother figure. Your loving, giving nature can shine bright on all of those you love from your heart.

Bridge of Judgement – love

Many people are trying to understand the purpose of their lives. The answer is so very simple. Love. How do you love and how much you love… Are you stuck in your ego, unable to forgive someone? Can you connect with your heart and open up to unconditional love to forgive? At the end of your life will you have any regrets regarding love? Dig deep… It’s never too late to start over.

Blanket of love – raising consciousness, spreading love

In this pic you see the Angel of love directing other angels to cleanse away all the negativity in the world by spreading a blanket of love all over it. The human eye represents the people, who take responsibility for their actions, consciously changing their thoughts and emotions to resonate on a higher frequency. They unite in love, strengthening the blanket of love, leading us through higher consciousness to world peace.

Knocking on Heaven’s door – feeling comforted

This painting is about the connection between us alive on Earth and Heavens, where our deceased loved ones reside. You, like everyone else possesses psychic abilities with which you are able to connect with your deceased loved ones. They often have some fragrance around them, reminding you of them, so you can recognise their presence. With this card they say: You are loved dearly. Whoever springs to mind right now, remember what they were about, what they taught you, what connected you to them.

Download card descriptions, as pdf Heavenly Helpers Card Descriptions


What’s next? I am working on my next oracle deck with 60+ cards and much larger format.


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