Soulful Gifts – Vouchers for all occasions.

Coaching & Healing session 60

Connecting you with your soul for abundant Love Joy & Health with energy coaching



In these sessions with my help you are turning over switches in your energy field, working through old relationship patterns that are holding you back from feeling free and happy. You are letting go of limiting beliefs and giving yourself permission to feel good in your skin with your unique energy set up.

  • create a better relationship with yourself: self-love, self-worth, self-confidence, etc.
  • connect and align with yourself
  • realise whether you are an empath, in need of extra energy work…
Love Reading 30 min.

Personal reading regarding romantic love connections for singles, soulmates, twinflames



  • feeling stuck in a relationship?
  • unsure whether you should wait or move on?
  • or you might be single, looking to see what the future holds.

During these personal reading sessions, I intuitively connect with your energies, and bring you guidance from your Higher Self, spirit guides, etc. on how to navigate your unique situation. I incorporate some of my coaching wisdom and healing tools to help you make inspired choices for your future.

Qigong 1 to 1 tuition 60 min.

Combat stress, trauma and illness & reach a new level of healthy with qigong.



  • calms the mind
  • balances the emotions
  • energises the body and
  • nourishes the soul

Your problem is not the stressful situation, but your reaction to it, which is energetically imprinted in your own energy field. So simply trying to change the situation with positive thoughts, won’t help. If you want to make lasting changes to your mind and how you feel, you must release that stuck energy through breathing and working on your body, to adjust your mind. Practicing Qigong regularly helps you to achieve exactly that.