These terms and conditions apply to online coaching, combined online coaching and online healing sessions, combined online coaching and reading sessions, online energy healing sessions with guided visualisations, chakra healing sessions, creative sessions to explore your psychic/healing abilities, numerology sessions, Law of Attraction coaching and manifestation sessions, exploring your passion, mission, in-depth reading sessions, etc…


The fee & Payment for the above sessions

  1. £66.00 per one-off, individual session.
  2. If you sign up for 4 sessions, the price goes down to £48.00 per session. You can pay this in one payment of £192 before the coaching sessions commence or 4 individual payments due at least 48 hours before each session.


Frequency of sessions – the above sessions are carried out ideally once a week, or in certain cases biweekly. They must take place within the time frame of maximum of 2 months for efficiency, as each session is building on the previous one. If you wish to extend the two-month period, you must book any remaining sessions at a mutually suitable time at your last session.


Length of session – 60 minutes. With the exception of specific sessions, such as numerology, journey through the chakras, etc, where it is agreed in advance maybe for an additional price.


Client participation– All of these sessions require the client’s active participation during the sessions and after the sessions in the given tasks, forming new habits, applying guided visualisations, energy tools, etc.


Delivery of session – the online sessions are carried out via zoom video calls. You receive the invitation for the zoom call 1-6 days prior the session at a pre-agreed time and date.


Time zones & time difference – as this is an online service, we can be in different time zones, which is established before the session schedule. After we found a mutually suitable time, I make sure both of us are aware what it means for each one of us. For example New York is 5 hours behind GMT, London time, where I reside. Let’s say we schedule a session for 9am EST, which I refer to, as “your time”, which is 2pm GMT, my time. I do make extra care to avoid confusion by adding in the zoom schedule on the top of the automated GMT schedule time, the mutually agreed “your time”, when possible. After this, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure they turn up for the session at the agreed time. Failing to do so will count, as if the client hasn’t given at least 24 hour notice and can be charged.


Cancellation – can be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled time of the session, otherwise will be charged / i.e. the client loses the session in full.


For any sessions including energy healing for any ailment by Reiki healing and/or Reiki Distant Healing please note:

  1. Your treatment is on your request.
  2. If you are taking medication please consult your doctor before making any changes, which you may feel like making as a result of the Reiki treatment.
  3. Guarantee Healing: There is no scientific proof, nor can I give any our guarantees that healing will work for you in any way that you may expect. The most I can say is that it will be a pleasurable experience and you will feel completely relaxed following the treatment.
  4. You should not stop any medications or treatments, nor should you ignore any advice your GP has given you. All forms of holistic healings are complimentary to any care or treatments you may already be receiving for any ongoing or new ailments.
  5. I declare that I have not withheld any information from the Reiki practitioner. I understand that Reiki is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. It is recommended that I see a registered Doctor or health care professional for any physical or psychological condition that I have.


You agree to abide with instructions given during the coaching / treatment period.


To declare that you agree with the above terms and conditions. Please email or whats app: “Yes, I agree” to