Are you part of a Twin Flame connection?

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How do you know? Here are a few pointers that can help:

It is a very specific kind of soul connection, completely different from any other romantic love relationship, with the ultimate goal being unconditional love. In my understanding twin flames are starseeds, coming from a different star system with a mission…

It is a 3 way soul contract between the Divine counterparts, i.e. Divine Feminine and Masculine and the Divine itself. Whilst in a soulmate connection two souls come together, here one soul split into two bodies, which are connected by an energetic bond in the 5D. Please do not get confused by the fact that ultimately we are all one, as that is on a completely different level, in a different dimension.

After the twin flame connection is activated, often by meeting im the physical world, the journey of the Divine Feminine begins. She wakes up first and walks her spiritual path consciously. Taking on a journey of self-healing. Transmuting fear into love, working through karmic and ancestral patterns, and also behaviour patterns and strategies that she created in childhood to survive and find a way of receiving love. The Divine Feminine can manifest either in a Feminine or in a Masculine body.

The Divine Masculine awakens later in the journey when the roles switch around. This time the Divine Feminine acts as an accelerator/ mentor/ teacher and the Divine Masculine is supposed to become the student.

In the connection, there is a very sensitive energy dynamics, which can be felt, even if the parties are in a separation, no-contact situation.

There is often a very strong sexual attraction, especially at the masculine end, which keeps the magnetic energy journey alive. The lovers keep being attracted to each other often running cycles of in and out, on and off, being the runner or the chaser…

There is almost always a big age difference, different social upbringing, even living in different countries…

Channelled message for twin flames after the 11/11 gateway and before the 22/12 in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions by the Divine Feminine:

Am I too much, is my love too suffocating?