Are you a strong woman, who went through many difficulties in life, feeling stable, abundant, and know who you are, open-minded, in touch with your intuition?

Do you feel that you lost hope with dating, became cynical, not believing any more there is a man somewhere out there, who is your perfect match?

What makes you brilliant at work i.e. being a survivor, keep going whatever is being thrown at you, distancing yourself from your emotions, creates tension in your intimate relationships. Would you like to correct your energy pattern and find your life partner, who is the right match for you?

If so, I can help! During a series of 4 online coaching sessions, £192 (4 x £48), I walk you through a process to identify your subconscious patterns and heal the side of you that struggles in relationships. As a result you shift from survival strength & rejection to heart based power & acceptance. So your strength is coming from your healed and balanced inner masculine & feminine (opposed to the distorted masculine and wounded feminine.) I am using my sensitivity, intuition and emphatic skills to tune into your energy and find your blind spots to help your transformation.
I switched careers from commercial economist to energy therapist & coach, after my survivor strength drove me into the ground, and I became depressed. It acted, as a wake up call and a stepping stone for me. As a result, in 2010 I established my business in holistic healing to help others to change their relationship with themselves and find their vibrational match.

The pandemic brought our society and the world to a halt. I believe that healing the distorted masculine and the wounded feminine in ourselves not only allows us to live a more rewarding and happy life, but also helps to transform the world at large.

Are you ready to make this shift?
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