Discover Your Soul Gifts & Lessons Through Numerology

Explore the depths of your soul’s purpose and uncover the mysteries encoded in your date of birth with a mini, personalized numerology analysis. Delve into the unique energies that define your path and unlock the secrets of your soul gifts and lessons.

What You’ll Learn:

1. Path of Life: Unveil the path of life you chose and discover the tarot card that symbolizes it.

2. Soul Lessons: Identify the weak spots in your soul’s power and uncover the lessons you are meant to learn.

3. Soul Gifts: Embrace your soul’s strengths and unlock the gifts that you carry from previous lifetimes.


Your Personal Year: Understand your current personal year. Gain insights into the energies, guiding you through the opportunities and challenges aligned with your unique journey.

Delivery: Receive a series of recorded messages via WhatsApp for a personalized and convenient experience.

Take the first step towards self-discovery and enlightenment with our transformative numerology reading. Embrace your soul’s purpose and unleash your true potential today!

Duration: 60-minutes ( 30 minutes analyses behind the scenes & 30 minutes delivery of the findings)

Original Price: £62.00 Promotional price: £35.00