Are you a sensitive intuitive or empath, who is suffering from mental health issues: depression, anxiety, emotional overwhelm?

Can you recognise yourself from the description in the below picture?

  • Do you feel that your emotions are suffocating you, making you feel drained and weak?
  • Do you feel depressed a lot?  Watch Depression from the soul’s perspective full playlist 
  • Are you feeling worthless, not enough, because you are different from others, being the Black Sheep of your family?
  • Would you like to understand finally. why you feel too much?
  • Are you a giving, nurturing Beautiful Being, who can feel resentful at times, when others just keep taking from you, leaving you feeling alone and used?
  • Would you like to turn “your curse” into Your Most Beautiful Blessing by allowing yourself to understand your energies, embrace them and feel empowered?

I went through this journey myself, and I have been working with sensitive intuitives since 2010, as an energy and consciousness coach, changing their lives for the better.

I have coached 350+ women face to face and in workshops from all walks of life, helping them to raise their vibes to move from lack to prosperity consciousness.

It enabled my clients to gain confidence and shift their attitude to life in a positive way, which brought them

  • recognition at work,
  • positive relationships,
  • better mental and emotional health and
  • allowed them to become more resilient.


My method is simple

During the course of 4 energy healing/ coaching video or in person sessions I help you:

  1. Identify your energy drains
  2. Help you discover your unique energy set up
  3. Teach you personalised tools to form a new mind set, energy habits & emotional state of being.

I absolutely LOVE to inspire others and see them transform / shift into a higher frequency, the world of creating what they want in their life: in love, in their profession, in health and every possible way.

Are you ready to make this shift to feeling empowered?

If not now, when?

Drop me an email if you are interested. Email:

Take care