FREE 5 Day Self-Love Challenge

to shift from Mind to Soul Power & Transform from being overwhelmed, resentful, burnt out, to feeling loved, supported & able to fly again.

Your Relationship with YOU is the Key to Unconditional Love, Prosperity, Happiness, Romantic Love & Health.

During these 5 days all I ask you to do is to commit to yourself for 15 – 30 minutes per day. It doesn’t even need to be at once. I will give you  1 task,  1 exercise and 1 energy tool a day to allow you to connect within and enabling you to hold on to your higher vibes. It is all done in a private, closed Facebook group.

Our first Challenge was 29th June – 3rd July 2020. Here is what some of the participants said about it:

The next challenge starts on:  20/07/2020.

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Hi I am Eva, Energy therapist, artist & consciousness coach. Self-love  is a very popular subject. However mostly what people are talking about is finding the time for themselves, which is brilliant. The other thing people seem to focus on, when it comes to self-love is their physical body.

I don’t know whether it is news to you or not, you are an energy being, you are a spirit with a human body. And as such, you need to take care of both sides of you, because anyway you will find yourself in a place, which is absolutely miserable. You will exhaust yourself, your energies are not being replenished and it will be just, like hitting a dead end emotionally and spiritually.

In the last decade I have been working with these very people. Gorgeous souls, amazing, giving beings, who are not exactly sure why they feel depressed, why they feel exhausted, resentful, angry what’s the problem with them. And I am going to tell you, there is nothing wrong with them!

The problem lies with that fact that we weren’t taught how to look after our soul part, our spirit side, our energy side of our being. And now of course it is more common to talk about this. Lots of people understand that they are made of energy. Food is energy. So if you start to put nutritious food into your body, you are starting to feel better both physically and emotionally. Also if you start meditating that’s nourishing your entire being…

So there are ways now people beginning to understand how to look after their energy being, but there is so much more.

And this is why I am inviting you to join me on this FREE 5 Day Challenge of self-love, All In, Full On. I am going to walk round this subject from 5 different angles, and giving you tasks, exercises, energy tools to dig deep, to reach down to the level, where you can solve the problems and I am giving you the tools on how to actually do that.

And I want to emphasize that you won’t be left on your own on this path, in these 5 days. I am saying this, because when I have been working with anyone in this subject in the last decade, you should have seen their faces, when I started mentioning self-love. It’s absolutely scary for them. There is like, such a distorted image about themselves, they are extremely scared, they will find out something negative about themselves. And it is really sad.

I understand how it feels, because I have been there myself. And then for years, I have seen it from the other side as well, working mainly with women, 500+ of them, from all walks of life. So this is my mission, this is my passion, working with people to help them create a better relationship with themselves. Why? Because that’s the key to everything to every relationship in life. To your relationship in a love connection, your relationship with your family members, with your colleagues, with abundance…, with everything and anything in this world. So just looking into the connection, the relationship between you and yourself, will change your world.

And the world is changing. You couldn’t miss the enormous shift that was completed by the Covid-19. This shift has been going on for decades, but now there is a new world. And you can’t turn back.

The Universe always backs everyone up. But the problem is, it can only help you on the level of consciousness, where you are. Therefore it is your responsibility to find a way to raise your vibration and give the Universe the chance to give you everything you deserve: the happiness and bringing all of your heart’s desire to manifestation, be joyful and live an amazing life.

With love

Eva x
Eva Maria Hunt trading as Spiritual Wonders
Connecting you with your soul