Love is the most powerful emotion / energy of the Universe. If you get that right, everything falls into place. It sounds easy. Right? You are a loving person, so that’s it then. No, it isn’t. Being a loving person is a good start, but far from enough.

You need to look at love in two different ways:

  • the love you have for others and
  • the love you feel towards yourself. This latter one is called self-love.

In the Western world we are spending far too much time in our head and as a result, becoming anxious, depressed, out of alignment with our emotions. We are busy people, almost everything and everyone is priority, but ourselves. Self-care is understood, as spending time in a spa, going out with friends, treating yourself to a good book or a piece of cake only. There is nothing wrong with doing these things, but they are far, far from enough.

You must learn to sink into your heart from your mind, bring them into alignment (coherence) and find a place inside of you, that connects you with the love and light within, and in the Universe. Sounds airy-fairy? Think again!

As your mind is a two-edged sword, it can create Heaven or Hell in your life. You are a powerful being, beyond imagination. However you can easily cut yourself off from your “power-energy-feed”, if you get lost in your mind. It results in

  • doubting yourself,
  • comparing yourself to others,
  • not loving yourself,
  • resenting yourself and others,

so you are shrinking into low energy vibration, and your spirit/soul light becomes dimmed.

Working with clients for 9 years and my own experience shows that love and self-love are not really understood. Being able to LOVE without

  • the need to please others,
  • burning yourself out with giving endlessly
  • manipulating others…

proves to be very difficult for many. Not to mention self-love, which seems to be the most difficult feeling to awaken inside people. They do not understand what it is, how essential it is, and how it can create exponential positive changes in their life.

When you learn to love the right way (yourself and others) you

  • don’t need others’ approval any more
  • become happier
  • more fulfilled, rewarded
  • shine your light and love on others, so you become visible and able to live your purpose.