The Law of Attraction is all about energy vibrations. It gives exactly what you have deep inside of you, because “Like attracts Like”. So if you are full of fears, worries, anxiety and negative thoughts you are radiating on a low frequency and you are attracting the lack of things… Read more

I created a free video series to give you examples and some helpful tools to enable you to lift yourself up i.e. raise your vibrations and feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and even on the spiritual level.

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If you get stuck, or find it hard to work with your limiting beliefs I can help you.

Book your Law of Attraction Video session(s) with me

by sending me an email to

  • with a brief description of your problem and the area you struggle with: Money, job, self-esteem, relationship, romantic love…
  • your date of birth (DD/MM/YY)
  • your town and country (to work out the time difference)
  • and some possible dates and times, when you can be available for the coaching session.

Cost: £45.00 per 1 hour

What do you get for it?

My undivided attention and guidance for the length of your session.

Relevant tools to your problem, worksheets to practise certain skills, a deeper insight to your issues…

Everyone has different energies, and different sets of problems. Some already have practice working with the Law of Attraction, others haven’t even started yet. Therefore for some people one session is enough to get them back on track, for others 2-4 sessions needed to help them through difficult times.


Here is what my clients say about Law of Attraction Coaching:

Ruksana, UK

What a wonderful blessing it was to have received and worked on energy coaching with you. I was in a place of great uncertainty and transition, and I didn’t know where I fitted in. The sessions I had with you were of great encouragement and healing and transformation of getting to the root essence of self-worth. Forever grateful for your time and your beautiful light. 

Cinthia, UK

I was scared to talk to people. I felt vulnerable emotionally. I didn’t feel secure even in my own life.  I worked a lot, and I craved respect. I got to the point, when I couldn’t enjoy anything. I dropped my hobbies, exercise… I came for Law of Attraction coaching and my self-esteem started to improve. I learnt to respect myself, I accepted myself and my situation. As a result I had enough courage  to change jobs and start with a clean slate. I feel so much better, balanced and more confident than ever before.