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How can you feel enough in a world that measures you with qualities inappropriate to your nature and only acknowledges the physical part of you?

It is not possible. And believe me you are not the only one, who suffers from being out of balance in Mind, Body and Soul and not feeling happy enough, beautiful enough, good enough, clever enough, rich enough, sociable enough… Shall I keep going?  The interesting part of it is, the way you feel is not your fault.


Who is responsible for you not feeling enough?

There are many factors that contributed to more and more people losing their way, getting stuck, frustrated, angry, becoming anxious and depressed, thinking about or actually committing suicide.

Often people blame their parents, teachers, society, the education system, the health system, etc. for where we got to. And they are not wrong. These are all part of how your perception of the world, and your self-image has been formed, so these factors are all responsible in a way for where you ended up. However let’s not forget something that is missing from this picture, and that is YOU.

How do you think of yourself: As a Physical Body only, with some thoughts and emotions or a Soul in a Human Body?

Most people say the former. And that is so wrong. Yes, most of us were brought up in the Western world and our education didn’t include quantum physics, or basic energy studies to understand not only the physiology and biology of the human body, but the energy aspects of our being too. And believe me it is a fascinating system, and the knowledge of it makes a huge change in how you can look after your mental and emotional health too. The Oriental world does use this knowledge in their daily life, even in hospitals… So we are legging behind and one of my passions is to teach about the mesmerising energy part of us during healing sessions, workshops, qigong classes…

And that is not the only missing link in what we suppose to know about ourselves.

My mission

So my mission is filling in the gaps. I awaken the desire in people, like you, who DON’T FEEL ENOUGH, or HAD ENOUGH, to focus beyond the physical and connect with Your Higher Nature for healing transformation, so you can live a fulfilling life, where you are seen for who you truly are. So I help you:

  • connect with your soul, so you can see beyond the physical,
  • replace Fear with Love, so you can break through your limitations,
  • balance the Divine Masculine & Feminine in you, to live a fulfilling life,
  • I also guide you in the energy world and the spiritual realms to be seen and to live your purpose,

Does it resonate with you? Do you need help, guidance, support in feeling enough?

Do get in touch, please: Email Eva: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com or Text or Call Eva: 07905 806383

How would you like to start/ continue your journey to feel enough?

Click on the picture to take you to the page that tells you more about your choice.


I look forward to hearing from you.

With love


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