Energy Fix and Flow

Your Daily / Weekly / Ad hoc  Energy Practise for Quick Transformation

In this package you find all the general, essential knowledge, wisdom & tools you need to maintain your energy field and live a balanced life.


  • 6 videos to explain all the areas
  • 8 audio recordings with guided visualisations to manage your energy field, mental and emotional health.

Video content:

  • Basic Energy Protection
  • Energy Protection from negative people
  • Energy Cleansing (Your own aura)
  • Cleansing Your Environment Energetically
  • Grounding Tools
  • Healing Crytals, as Energy Tools

Energy FIX contains the basic energy tools for your energy field in the form of guided visualisations with relaxing and uplifting music:

  • Energy Cleansing
  • Energy Grounding
  • Energy Shielding & Protection
  • How to Expand & Relax your aura?

Energy FLOW is a set of guided visualisations to expand your consciousness:

  • Remember Who You Are
  • Break through your limitations
  • Meet Your Soul to fill up with love
  • Healing your energetic Heart & Your Chakras

Package price: £55.55