Moon Goddess

Coming soon!

Now my first oracle deck, Heavenly Helpers (26 cards / channelled paintings) is published I am working on the design of the second one, called Moon Goddess. This was one of my very first soft pastel artworks, digitally edited. And it’s title gave the name to my You Tube channel later on. Now I felt it is time to publish The Moon Goddess Oracle * Soul Reader. 😊

This is a much larger format than the first one and min 61 cards / channeled paintings. It has a very different purpose and much more complex from the healing perspective….

Now, as I am dreaming up the design, I have to pay attention to the details of my paintings, and seeing so many of them at once, I am falling in love with them all over again. ❤️ If it all goes well, the deck can be available to purchase at the beginning of May.

The pics are not a good quality, taken from the screen. The text for each card will be added at a later stage.