Welcome to the Middle Pillar guided visualisation with colours!

This is a very powerful exercise that uses the middle pillar of the Kabbalistic tree of life, the power of colours, breath and intention to allow you to connect with source light and alchemise it, so it refreshes your energies and raises your consciousness.

There are 4 stages to this guided visualisation:

1 Grounding

2 Connecting with the 5 consciousness levels of the middle pillar of the kabbalistic tree of life

3 Cleansing and healing our aura with the power of our breath, intention and colour energies

4 Grounding

To start with, it is advisable to do this 10 minute exercise daily. As you build your light in your aura, you may feel it is not necessary to repeat the guided visualisation daily.

You can drop the number of exercises gradually down to twice, then once a week.

When you feel low, or going through a difficult time, by reintroducing this exercise, you can shift your energies fast, and find yourself energetically balanced more easily.


With love