Manifest Anything Access

Fact: The Law of Attraction always works.

Tip: You must be in a high frequency, positive vibration state before you consciously ask from the Universe!

Why? Because the Universe simply delivers to you the equivalent of your dominant vibration.


Manifest Anything – Introduction


1 Moving through portals

The foundation

Please do not skip this step. It is the foundation of your success!

In the Universe there is no such thing, as linear time, past, present and future are all in one. It means in order to manifest what you want, you must step out of the matrix i.e. linear time.

Use the below pdf to create an energy gateway through pathways to the past and future.


This audio file explains in more detail what you need to know about the foundation.

Manifest anything Moving through portals

Portal 1 – The middle door – The present

Through this exercise you will see that your gratitudes are reinforcing what you already have and want more of, in your life.

Portal 2 – The door on the right – Your future

  1. First use your thoughts to answer the questions in each rectangle.
  2. Then move to the next sheet and choose the emotions that you feel, as you are thinking about what you want to manifest.

Allow your vision to develop. And keep feeling it all out.

Those things/events/people are currently not included, you can attract to yourself through positive affirmations.

Your Avatar – You 2.0 – Feel out that vision!


Portal 3 – The door on your left – your Past

Find the Superhero within – The Success timeline of your past

To find the confidence, passion, belief and trust to all this can and will come true, you must search your past and find your achievements you are proud of, however small or big they might be. Remind yourself of your past success, do not just take it for granted! Build up your self-worth…

These 3 pillars are the past, present and future, coming together, as thoughts, emotions and vision to take you to the future, or bring the future to you.



2 The Daily Routine

These pdf sheets are teaching you the secrets of writing gratitudes and positive affirmations. They explain what they are for and help you to identify, where you might be going wrong in trying to manifest your dreams.

The daily practice of writing them down can significantly speed up your manifestation process.

Gratitudes (pdf)

How can you make your affirmations work (pdf)

How can you write your affirmations (pdf)



3 The Big Shift – Align with and stand in your Vortex

Your vortex is the eye of the storm of the physical world. This is the place of peace and quiet, where you can literally hear your own thoughts, sense your feelings and connect with your Angelic Self.

These special positive affirmations and guided visualisations help you to bypass your fears and tune into love, which is a high-frequency, positive state of being.

They allow you to create a coherent state between your mind and heart, and focus you into feeling more high frequency emotions, to prime you to create by design, rather than by default.

I am a GCI Ambassador
“The Global Coherence Initiative is an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness. GCI conducts groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems…. GCI is helping people realize the interrelation of these forces and the ever-deepening resonance and nurturing of spirit precipitated by coherent heart-based human connections. GCI seeks to demonstrate that increasing heart connections will lead to intuitive solutions for global challenges and transformation of our world and consciousness.”


Bypass your fears and tune into love

Love meditation to create brain-heart coherence

The Feel state of creating by design with The Law of Attraction



Manifestation went wrong. Troubleshooting

Identify your problems, clear your blockages & transmit good vibes to the Universe

Loa for Harmony and Success Worksheet by Eva Maria Hunt – The Positives and Negatives in your life (pdf)

Remove blockage and transmit the right frequency 2022 (pdf)


Remove blockages from your energy channels

Transmit the right frequency of what you want to manifest


Energy tools to aid manifestation