Sitting meditation

Inner Viewing (Spiritual Qigong) – Sitting meditation

Today we are experimenting with a type of meditation that people usually think of as “actual meditation”… i.e. sitting in a lotus pose, fingers touching, looking Zen…

Don’t worry, you can enjoy this!

For this meditation, of course you can sit in the above described position, but you don’t have to. You can sit on a chair with your back straight, your hands resting on your lap. I personally love to do it sitting on the floor on a cushion, thumb and index fingers touching… This finger pose is called Gian Mudra in yoga.

Why sitting?

When you sit in a cross-legged position, you are opening energy channels in your body. It means you now can work with a greater flow of energy that will “wash through” your entire body.

So sit in a comfortable position, back straight, shoulders rolled back, chest open, wrists are resting on your knees. Touch your index fingers and thumbs.

Why touching fingers?

When you do this, you close certain energy circuits in your body. You have, so called meridians, a web of energy highways in your body, delivering energy to every part of you. Those are the focus for acupressure and acupuncture, also used in reflexology. Some of these meridian lines end or begin at your finger tips. When touching them you achieve different states of being.This specific mudra generates wisdom, receptivity and calmness, which makes it perfect for our intention.

Inner Viewing Guided Visualisation – from Spiritual Qigong

The meditation I have for you today is called Inner Viewing. I learnt it in a qigong course, written by Kenneth Cohen Qigong Master. I like it, partly because it uses the breath, as a tool to expand your awareness. And partly, because it is guided, so you are not left completely alone to find your own way to the meditative state.

Finding your way to meditate is all about being open to different experiences. So make a decision now to leave your expectations and perfectionism behind i.e. let go of control:

  • If something doesn’t happen, just move on.
  • If it happens differently for you, accept it.
  • If it didn’t work for the first time, please don’t give up! It took you a while to learn speaking, walking, yet you kept going. So have that attitude and let’s just do it!