Soul Mantras

Soul Mantras £5.55


Soul Mantras are a collection of soul truths and positive affirmations mixed with music to uplift your soul and allow you to:

  • Remember who you are
  • Connect with Source, Love, Your Higher-Self & Soul
  • Thrive through unconditional love

What are mantras?

  • Originally in Hinduism and Buddhism a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.
  • A statement or slogan repeated frequently.

These Soul mantras are allowing you to build new habits in a very enjoyable way. Make them part of your morning routine, or listen to them in the car.

You can simply listen to these soul mantras, or repeat them out loud or silently within.

The music allows your aura to relax and your soul energy flow more freely. If you feel like it, you can dance too. Why not? The aim is to celebrate yourself, remember what a gorgeous energy being you are…

There are 3 recordings in this bundle.

Me, My Soul & Source

Helps you remember who you are through powerful soul truths connecting you to the Universe.

Me and My Relationships

Allows you to build a love relationship with yourself. When you fall in love with yourself and with your life, all of your relationships reflect that amazing energy and you start glowing. This is a very powerful way to attract to you the partner, who is your perfect vibrational match.

I am Abundance

These mantras are helping you to feel into the energies of your Higher Self, so you can give yourself permission to live your excitement & joy and to thrive.

Soul Mantras £5.55